Module:The Dungeon of D

From Vassal
Publisher Jack Darwid Games Era Fantasy
Year 2008 Topic Adventure
Players 1 to 1 Scale Tactical
Length 60 minutes Series D


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
DungeonOfD.vmod Module 21.46 MB 05-13-2015 3.2

Module Information

Maintainer Nemo



- Open the module using Vassal. Click on Start new game offline (it's a solo game, so you won't be needing to play it online) then on Finish.

- Click on Setup Game then on Begin Game. Vassal will automatically set up the game: it will construct the Room Deck (Levels 1-7 deck), randomly choose your Character, give you a hand of 9 Power cards, place 2 Fruits in your Inventory and set the monsters for the first level of the dungeon.

- To draw a Power card, click and drag from the Power deck (on the upper left corner) to the empty space on the right (Power cards discard pile) or to your hand. You can right click on a card in your hand to use it for Movement or First Effort, to discard it or to send it to the top or the bottom of the Power deck (as for the Scholar ability).

- To draw a Room card and build the dungeon, click and drag from the Levels 1-7 deck (or Level 8 deck) to the empty space on the right of the screen. When a Room card is placed, you can right click on it to exhaust it or send it to the bottom of the Room deck. The Unused room deck won't be needed to play. You can use the character token (the one with the skull) to mark your position in the dungeon.

- You can drag a card from the Power deck to your Inventory, then right click on it to flip it and reveal it, to rotate it or to discard it. You can right click on the Fruits card and on the Arrows card (once you get some of them and you add them to your Inventory) to change their quantities.

- Once you get to the Mystic Portal (on Levels 1-6), you can decide to DO the action Descent. In this case click on Setup Game and then on Go Down One Level. Vassal will automatically setup the next Level: it will construct a new Room Deck, add 1 Fruit to your Inventory and clean the play table so you can build the new level of the dungeon.

- Once you get to the Mystic Portal on Level 7, you can click on Setup Game and then on Level 8, to set up as above the level of the dungeon.

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