Module:The Grand Trunk Journey

From Vassal
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Publisher Spielworxx Era Industrial
Year 2020 Topic Trains
Players 2 to 4 Scale Abstract
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
GrandTrunkJourney v1.vmod Module 9.04 MB 2020-06-19 3.2.17
GrandTrunkJourney v1-1.vmod Module 9.15 MB 2020-06-23 3.2.17


Please read the module instructions below before emailing with questions. Thanks!

Module Instructions:

Most functions are discovered by right-clicking on pieces. Here's a few notes and hints for using this module:

1. All map tokens that are randomly distributed at game start can be distributed randomly by opening the Game Tiles window and pressing the toolbar buttons in that window. This will create a default setup. To customize setup, each draw pile will produce a random draw so players could play scenarios this way.

2. I made "draw card" buttons in each hand window for easy card-drawing. There are 6 slots so that the player with the Improvement card which gives a 6-card hand will have a place to hold a card.

3. All Terminals are prepositioned on map. Right click on them to place the marker. This will also send the appropriate City card to the owning player's discard. The player who built the terminal MAY, if desired, shift the card to the top of his draw deck.

4. All decks must be shuffled manually. Right-click on a deck to shuffle the deck.

5. Iron can be placed by right-clicking on production tile. It can also be placed by right- clicking on iron-carrying cars (as with other cargos). IMPORTANT: Contrary to the other cargos steel is never taken from the stock but from a city where it is stocked. However, it is more tedious to drag-and-drop from the map to the display. Recommended procedure is to use R-Click on the car, then delete the steel cube from the board space.

5. All other cargoes can be placed by right-clicking on the car.

6. When adding a railcar card to your train, the card is always placed in first position even when there is already a railcar in that spot. Please slide cards to the right.

7. The module is based on the "base" scenario of the game. If you are playing a scenario with different starting cities, check all cards to identify the correct start cards!

Known bugs with version 1.0

Version 1.1 fixes a layer issue for the tan and red locomotives: Increasing the locomotive's speed will now place the correct color "fast engine" token on the card.

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