Module:The Killing Ground

From Vassal
Publisher New England Simulations Era WWII
Year 2002 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 4 Scale Operational
Length 660 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
OVKG-2.1.vmod module 44.44 MB 2013-04-25 3.2.4
OVKG-2.0a.vmod module 42.25 MB 2013-02-24 3.1
OVKG-2.0.vmod module 42.14 MB 2013-02-16 3.1

Module Information

Maintainer Ken Guerin (Feldmarschal)
Contributors Ken Guerin (Feldmarschal)


This module allows players to play single map Overlord and full map Overlord / The Killing Ground scenarios. In addition to single-map and triple-map free setup scenarios, it also contains 10 scenarios, including a heretofore unpublished Closing the Pocket scenario which focuses on the Falaise Pocket operation.

Each scenario contains Scenario Notes which should be read prior to playing as some scenarios have additional setup operations to do before starting. The module contains a Scenario Notes button in the toolbar.

In addition to applying previously published map and counter errata corrections, Mark Hinkle of NES has graciously provided us with a 3rd Edition CRT, which adjusts some result distribution anomalies in the originals.

Update: 2.1

Thanks to Andy Tromans, this new version includes:

  • rezoned maps, including some new regional zones like Loire and Brittany
  • the town name of Caumont at N4433
  • hex numbering with hex number displays, rather than by zone (N, E or W prefixes)
  • move reporting
  • a new map board for the graveyard (see below)
  • yellow box WN counter errata fix for Pt du Hoc, WN 18-14 (Ouistreham), Merville
  • expanded counter prototypes to allow:
  • IP and Entrenched markers to Never Stack, and Does Not Move
  • the Bridge Blown marker to Never Stack and Does Not Move
  • new right-click menu options for:
  • Build IP (non-HQ or Armour only) - places IP construction on bottom of stack rotated through 45 degrees
  • German IP replace with Entrenchment
  • Disorganized
  • Regroup
  • Out of Supply
  • Combat marker
  • Reserve marker
  • Loss of Effectiveness (Allied infantry & armour only)
  • Unsupported (Allied HQ only)
  • elimination of the 'Clone' option from combat units right-click menu
  • replacement of the 'Delete' option on combat units right-click menu with 'Eliminated' - moves unit to the Graveyard map

Update: 2.0a

Update includes:

  • counter errata: 82AB and 6AB had infantry icons instead of paratrooper icons
  • counter errata: 6AB and 1AB had a box in place of their unit symbols
  • map update: Overlord single map now has the German Replacement Roll Table on it ; copied from the OV TRT for easier access
  • scenario errata: 6/2FsJg regiment was missing from the at-start German Holding Box (single-map Overlord Build-Up)
  • scenario errata: 12SS panzer regiments should start OOS in OMM 13 and OMM1-2 (single-map Overlord Build-Up)
  • combat dice change: results are now unsorted, allows para drops to be done quicker with 2nd die being the scattered result, if needed

Screen Shots


  • Ken Guerin (Feldmarschal)
  • Rob Arrieta
  • Pierre Miranda