Module:The Last Hundred Yards

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Publisher GMT Games Era WWII
Year 2019 Topic Western Front
Players 1 to 2 Scale Tactical

Files and Module Information

Combined Game (LHY and LHY:AoE) LHY Europe

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
LHY-ETO212.vmod Module 70.29 MB 2021-10-23 3.5 Marc Rivet Andrea Cantatore

LHY only

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
LHY-1-37.vmod Module 35.63 MB 2020-10-07 3.2 Jim Pyle Allen Dickerson
LHY-1-36.vmod Module 35.63 MB 2020-09-22 3.2 Jim Pyle Allen Dickerson
LHY-1-35.vmod Module 35.47 MB 2020-08-16 3.2 Jim Pyle Allen Dickerson
LHY-1-30.vmod Module 37.44 MB 2019-12-16 3.2 Jim Pyle Allen Dickerson
LHY-1-20.vmod Module 37.43 MB 2019-09-13 3.2 Jim Pyle Allen Dickerson
LHY-1.15.vmod Module 34.68 MB 2019-07-27 3.2 Jim Pyle Allen Dickerson
LHY-1-00.vmod Module 33.79 MB 2019-06-04 3.2 Jim Pyle Allen Dickerson


LHY Europe v2.12:

  • Expanded US MGs to 11 units.
  • Added Charlie Co (1st Plt.) and Baker Co (2nd Plt.) to US Armored.
  • Added US Jeeps to US Carriers & FVs.
  • Added Flamethrower to US Infantry Supports & Mortars.
  • Updated sectors 25, 34, 35, and 36.
  • Added Send to Mortar Pending option to MFA counter types.
  • Added Send to Time Track option to NVU Leader counter types.
  • Added layered Motion markers (Alt+V toggle). Motion markers rotate on Ctrl+] (CW) and Ctrl+[ (CCW).
  • Updated Player Aids (6.24.2021).
  • Updated British AFVs (CO/Firefly).
  • Refreshed Pre-defined Setups.

Please read the Change Log for more detailed description of changes (Help->ETO Chane Log).

ver 1.37: Corrected Mission #2 setup

ver 1.36: Updated CRT and TEC

ver 1.35: Updated Game Tracks and CRT

Random Draw Cup won't work for setups included in the module but will work for any New Game setups. You can use one of the unused Squad/Section cups if needed for Random draws in setups included in the module.

The Last Hundred Yards introduces innovative systems intended to model Small Unit Behavior in Combat during WWII

Version History:

LHY_VASSAL Module 1.30 edits

1. Fixed Mission #6 setup 2. Fixed some counters not rotating 3. Cleaned up Movement Trails

LHY_Vassal Module 1.15 edits

1. Changed LOS marker to only report From and To hexes, not all hexes traversed. It also now displays total range. 2. Added a proper splash screen with the game box in it. 3. Added new art for the Terrain button, the Combat Tables, Maps and Charts buttons. 4. Corrected spelling of "borders" in Markers section. 5. Casualty track has been set up with zones to report (in the text buffer) the status of Casualty Differential levels and of the casualty marker. 6. Similarly, the time tracks have been edited to report (in the text buffer) total elapsed time, IF the HOURS, 10s of minutes, single minutes are moved/nudged in succession. 7. Initiative marker now reports the current holder of initiative when it's flipped or selected. 8. Rotation of Assault directional markers was not working. This was fixed. 9. Reduced size of mouseover stack display to 50%.

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  • Allen Dickerson
  • Jon White
  • Hethwill
  • Greg