Module:The Longest Day

From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era WWII
Year 1980 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 8 Scale Operational
Length long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Current Itemized Version History
TLD-Version-HIstory-200605.txt txt 38 KB 2020-06-08 N/A WGA-Bill Thomson WGA-TLD-Workgroup
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.20c.vmod Module 43.42 MB 2023-10-24 3.7.4+ Scott Hill Alex, Gordon, Stephen, Scott, Bill, Hilton
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.20b.vmod Module 43.42 MB 2023-10-17 3.7.3+ Scott Hill Alex, Gordon, Stephen, Scott, Bill, Hilton
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.20.vmod Module 43.4 MB 2023-08-25 3.6.19+ Scott Hill Alex, Gordon, Stephen, Scott, Bill, Hilton
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.19.vmod Module 43.38 MB 2023-07-30 3.6.19+ Scott Hill Alex, Gordon, Stephen, Scott, Bill, Hilton
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.18.vmod Module 43.36 MB 2023-06-25 3.6.19+ Scott Hill Alex, Gordon, Stephen, Scott, Bill, Hilton
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.17.vmod Module 43.35 MB 2023-06-25 3.6.19+ Scott Hill Alex, Gordon, Stephen, Scott, Bill, Hilton
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.15.vmod Module 43.35 MB 2023-04-25 3.6.13+ Scott Hill Alex, Gordon, Stephen, Scott, Bill
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.13.vmod Module 43.35 MB 2023-02-16 3.6.10+ Scott Hill Alex, Gordon, Stephen, Scott, Bill
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.12.vmod Module 41.62 MB 2023-02-16 3.6.10+ Scott Hill Alex, Gordon, Stephen, Scott, Bill
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.10.vmod Module 41.56 MB 2022-11-16 3.6.7+ Scott Hill Alex, Gordon, Stephen, Scott, Bill
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.9.vmod Module 39.81 MB 2022-11-10 3.6.7+ Scott Hill Alex, Gordon, Stephen, Scott, Bill
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.8.vmod Module 38.09 MB 2022-08-16 3.6.3+ Scott Hill Alex, Gordon, Stephen, Scott, Bill
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.7.vmod Module 38.09 MB 2022-01-011 3.6.3+ Scott Hill Alex, Gordon, Stephen, Scott, Bill
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.5.vmod Module 39.5 MB 2022-01-011 3.6.3+ Scott Hill Alex, Gordon, Stephen, Scott
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.4.vmod Module 39.5 MB 2022-01-011 3.6.3+ Scott Hill
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.3.vmod Module 39.44 MB 2022-01-011 3.6.3+ Scott Hill
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.2.vmod Module 39.39 MB 2022-01-011 3.6.3+ Scott Hill
The_Longest_Day_v_1.0.vmod Module 38.22 MB 2022-01-06 3.6.3+ Scott Hill
The_Longest_Day_v_0.8.2.8.vmod Module 38.09 MB 2022-01-05 3.6.3+ Scott Hill
The Longest Day v Module 37.92 MB 2021-12-28 3.6.2+ Scott Hill
The Longest Day v Module 37.89 MB 2021-12-24 3.6.2+ Scott Hill
The Longest Day v 0.8.2.vmod Module 37.89 MB 2021-12-23 3.6.2+ Scott Hill
TLD-v0.8b083e-11-28-21.vmod Module 37.71 MB 2021-11-28 3.5.3+ Scott Hill WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD-v0.8b082c-07-17-21.vmod Module 26.23 MB 2021-4-15 3.5.3+ Scott Hill WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD-v0.8b082-4-15-21.vmod Module 23.78 MB 2021-4-15 3.5.3+ Scott Hill WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD-v0.8b081c-3-28-21.vmod Module 21.75 MB 2021-3-28 3.5.3+ Scott Hill WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD-v0.8b081b-3-27-21.vmod Module 22.57 MB 2021-3-27 3.5.3+ Scott Hill WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD-v0.8b080F-2-26-21.vmod Module 21.31 MB 2021-2-26 3.4.7+ Scott Hill WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD-v0.8b080e-12-20-20.vmod Module 21.72 MB 2020-12-20 3.2.17+ Scott Hill WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD-0.8.0.vmod Module 21.25 MB 2020-11-29 3.3.1+ Scott Hill
TLD-v0.8b080d-11-16-20.vmod Module 21.51 MB 2020-10-30 3.3.1+ Scott Hill WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD-v0.8b080c-11-7-20.vmod Module 21.51 MB 2020-10-30 3.3.1+ Scott Hill WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD-v0.8b080a-9-30-20.vmod Module 21.3 MB 2020-09-30 3.3.1+ Scott Hill WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD US and UK Historical counters.vmdx Module 2 KB 2020-11-29 3.3.1+ Scott Hill
TLD-v0.8b079-200606-0950.vmod Module 19.53 MB 2020-06-08 3.2.17 WGA-Bill Thomson WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD-v0.7b08.vmod Module 19.64 MB 2020-04-18 3.2.17 WGA-Bill Thomson WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD-v0.6b09.vmod Module 19.18 MB 2020-04-13 3.2.17 WGA-Bill Thomson WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD-v0.5b33.vmod Module 18.76 MB 2020-04-01 3.2.17 WGA-Bill Thomson WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD-v0.4b20.vmod Module 18.04 MB 2020-01-30 3.2.17 WGA-Bill Thomson WGA-TLD-Workgroup
TLD-v0.3p21.vmod Module 17.98 MB 2020-01-17 3.2.17 WGA-Bill Thomson WGA-TLD-Workgroup
tld- Module 16.37 MB 2018-03-19 3.0+ unknown
tld- Module 16.6 MB 2018-03-10 3.0+ Scott Hill
tld-0.1.2.vmod Module 9.94 MB 2018-01-09 3.0+ Scott Hill
tld-0.1.1.vmod Module 7.5 MB 2007-10-28 3.0+ WGA Vassal Team Easton, Thomson, Uckelman, Wise
tld-0.1.vmod Module 7.5 MB 2007-10-28 3.0+ WGA Vassal Team Easton, Thomson, Uckelman, Wise
tld.vmod Module 7.48 MB unknown unknown WGA Vassal Team Easton, Thomson, Uckelman, Wise

Module Information

Maintainer Bill Thomson, Scott Hill
Contributors Joel Uckelman, Brent Easton, Jeff Wise, Pat Crawford, Myk Deans, Jim Hermann, Alex Martin, Jeff D. Miller, Stephen Sawyers


UPDATE 10-17-23

    Module 1.0.20b
    1st Pol Airborn brigade added to manifest.
    1st British Airborn added to manifest.
         17 ss recce disrupt fixed.
         US 128 6 AD and 5fs germ units corrected.
         557 Corps Art  (3 factor) Range 9 is only range 6 when you toggle the range.
         UK DD range should be 5, not 6.
         The first 5 battalions in the GE331i are assigned to the GE326i. the GE344i the StuG company quite rightly thinks it ought
         be in a panzer division, not an infantry division!

UPDATE 08-25-23

    Module 1.0.20
        Mod 1.0.20 Added building layer to Field Forts for first day placement on the board.

UPDATE 07-30-23

    Module 1.0.19
        Mod 1.0.19 Many campaign game and Beach head counter corrections. 

UPDATE 06-25-23

    Module 1.0.17
       This update corrects 2 counter image pointing errors on reduced German counter sides .16 was One and .17 is another.

UPDATE 04-25-23

    Module 1.0.15
       This update corrects fired and disrupt image placement and the 352,and 353 FUS rev. Image was incorrect. These Two units also are allowed a rem status so this layer was added to them.

UPDATE 11-16-22

    Module 1.0.13
      This update fixes disrupt position in a stack.

UPDATE 11-16-22

    Module 1.0.10
      Version 1.0.10 Ok all the requests from 11-15-22 Dev game night have been installed, the fired overlay has been corrected so it functions properly in a stack, the German replacement counters are now highlighted in Lime green like the supply counters, the mouse over zoom factor is now 2x.  Coastal artillery has its own reset button due to the first day allowing for firing 3 times. after day 1 the allied player will end of turn and reset the German coastal artillery.

UPDATE 11-10-22

    Module 1.0.9
      Field forts were displaying incorrectly, this has been fixed,  There was a need to change the Fired Layer to a Fired overlay so you could
      still look at the artillery piece if needed without having to flip it over.  So this has been done. Also there was a single German Armored
      Battalion that was supposed to be a Company, this error has been in the game since it was originally built. 

UPDATE 9-10-22

    Module 1.0.8
      Rem units have been added as a 3rd layer in eligible units, this removes the need for a remnant chart and takes far less time in game.
      Statistically This should not effect Game play.
      Some unit symbol corrections, ZOC for field forts and other strong points have been installed and work well, toggle for on off is in the
      right click menu. Highlight supplies and replacement units on the map so they can all be tracked as they can get lost in the shuffle.
      All optional Historical corrections are "in game" and should be discussed with the players before a game begins, these are U.S. Armored 
      arty counters, Some UK Arty pieces that were S.P., U.S. Para arty that was missed in the Manifest (101 and 82).
      Several missing ports on the new map were incorporated into the game as they are factually and historically in the campaign
      And last, The Map.  It was decided that the Batiste map is much more modern and was more pleasing to the Development team, so it was added
      into the game.

UPDATE 1-11-22

    Module 1.0.3
      Module 1.0.2 has some issues with the air-power/fighters, as well as some other issues in the definitions.  These were corrected in 1.0.3. 

UPDATE 1-11-22

    Module 1.0.2
      This is My Release for players. If you find any errors or issues please contact me at the listed e-mail. 1.0 to 1.0.2 are simply bug fixes and counter corrections. I hope everyone enjoys the Module, I began looking into building this module (2018) into something players could enjoy, I never envisioned the co-operation and input I would have with the Development team.
Thanks to Thomson, Martin, Martin, Sawyers and to all the others I have had a pleasure to play with and build this Module.

UPDATE 1-05-22

     Markers for Anti Tank Units that have fired, These are for marking AT units that have fired in the current phase. They will be cleared when the end of turn phase button is clicked just like the Artillery is flipped and disrupts removed. Weather table and other zones are now able to report movement such as the German Strategic track and the Allied Entry track, these will now report zone to zone movement in the chat and log.  Replacement units and supply can now be tracked by highlighting these units to be able to find them. 

UPDATE 12-28-21

     Bug fixes mostly,too many control A functions, fixed. 

Some image work on the control panel to reduce size of buttons.

UPDATE 12-23-21

   Found some missing stuff, fixed it, apologies, Please use

ZOC has been installed as well as Interdiction AOE, Enjoy. Formation Highlighting is installed as well as Assigning an independent unit to either a corps or Division and they will highlight with the rest of the formation. Replacements can be hard to find sometimes so a replacement highlighter has been added as well as a supply highlighter. Stacking issues have been resolved and map layers are doing what they are supposed to do. Many off board movement functions have been automated and a remnant counter is now included in the reduction of a unit. Not all Units are eligible for Remnant counters so if there is no option for reducing an inverted counter then they do not get a remnant layer. Merry Christmas to all our Longest Day players.

UPDATE 7-17-21

    ZOC highlighting is proving to be more difficult than expected. The zoc implementation turned out to be a stacking problem and that needs to be available, so for this iteration the zoc function for field forts, landfront, and the strongpoints has been removed. We will continue to try to get 3 hex zoc implemented as it is a good visual aid for stopping movement.

we are still experiencing an issue with the refresh of counters, when using a saved game file and trying to refresh counters for updated fixes, the unit assignment label on the counters will disappear in favor of the refresh.might have to report this as a bug.

UPDATE 4-15-21

    Out of supply is now displayed in a red border for any unit

All fortifications now have a shaded area to remind the allied player of ZOC areas that a unit must stop movement in. Including three hex front forts. 2 scenarios, Normandy and Campaign, have been updated to show zoc areas on the onboard counters.

UPDATE 3-28-21

    Text label will appear below counter when Unit Assignment is completed.

Missing unit assignments on misc German Armored units corrected. Highlight formation is now in Yellow. Please remember to refresh your scenario or saved game before beginning play.

Updated 3-27-21:

   Updates and improvements to the base Vmod of TLD.  
    Interdiction. counters have been created and the menu descriptions and selections have been finalized, these improvements allow One counter to display the various Ranges for interdiction on the Map. The previous Module had incorrect ranges installed this update corrects this error.

Highlight divisional formations has arrived, including the three assigned independent tracked or infantry units. To assist in the assignment of independent units, use the show formation function to retrieve the formation ID from the HQ or any subordinate divisional units and use that name to assign to an independent unit. When assigning artillery to Corps use a similar process. The Scenarios are in need of refreshing due to many corrections in the mods in the past but not implemented in the scenarios, All scenarios should be refreshed before play or after a scenario is loaded.There is 1 glitch in the refresh that may remove assigned independents from their formation assignment.

Updated 2020/12/2

  • Module updated to version v0.8b080d. Some more counter corrections.
  • Replacement counters now have a "day 2" side" and will not need to rotate.
  • Coastal artillery attack value is now in GREEN, purple seemed difficult to see.
  • All scenarios have set up charts and re-enforcement arrival days/times.
  • Allied interdiction counters now have inherent range/area of effect steps and toggle on/off to show the area affected.
  • Added Naval Range counters to be used on the map-board to show ranges for each type of ship in the allied bombardment phase.
  • The 101 Artillery that went down on-board the Susan B Anthony (struck a mine) and was replaced 3 days after June 6th, were missing from the game Manifest.The pieces are now situated in the Allied entry Track on day 3 they are placed with other counters for Utah Beach. Optionally you may roll a die and if 1,2,3 the artillery arrives on June 7 at Utah Beach. (The Susan B did not strike a mine).
  • U.S. Infantry division Group Counters are an artificial means of delivering all the fire-power of an Infantry Division with fewer counters, if you wish you may break up the U.S group artillery into its component 105 battalions and the group counter removed from play.

Historical Counter Replacements for the U.S. and Commonwealth.

  • It was decided that the Original game with errors be retained and historical corrections be left as expansions. This is the First of 2, it relates to the Allies. This will describe how to use these add in counters and other pertinent info.
  • 1 U.S. Armoured Divisions: Number of Barrels per Battalion were 18 and not 12 like the Infantry Divisions therefore the attack and defence values are adjusted for this error. replace the original artillery counters with the new ones provided
  • 2 Three of the Commonwealth Beach assault Divisions were equipped with Sexton S.P. artillery. Simply replace the listed divisional motorized artillery counters with the historical S.P.counters provided. Please note that if you are playing a scenario or campaign game, that the S.P. artillery is replaced with the motorized counters after July 1. those S.P. chassis would go on to form A.P.C.'s for some armoured divisions in the commonwealth forces, known as Kangaroo's.

Updated 2020/11/08

    *Module updated to version v0.8b080c.  More incremental changes;  Scenarios 1-4.  Some more counter corrections, more functionality, corrections of unit symbol icons and counter information, needed displays added.  HQ traits to denote OOS, free attack, supply consumption, unit traits to send to appropriate location in graveyard (Scenarios) or map location (Campaign), HQ/Supply traits: to send to graveyard (scenario) or entry charts (Campaign), etc.  Work group has now completed Four scenario games in multi player weekly server sessions.  Currently playing Campaign game in a weekly session on Thursday nights 9 pm EST. Working to complete Campaign and Scenario games.  Completed U.S. and U.K. vassal module extension for historical counter modifications. Base module will be maintained as base published game with valid errata additions. Various variants, house rules, questionable 2nd edition, 3rd edition, things the designer intended but never documented will be accommodated by vassal module extension rather than being forced on all players.

Updated 2020/06/06

    *Module updated to final version of v0.8b79.  More incremental changes; refer TLD-Version-History-200606.txt.  Scenarios 1-4.  Some counter corrections, more functionality, corrections of unit symbol icons, now adding needed displays.  Battle Markers finalized, HQ traits to denote OOS, free attack, supply consumption, unit traits to send to appropriate location in graveyard, HQ/Supply traits to sent to graveyard (scenario) or entry charts (Campaign), etc.  Workgroup has now competed two scenario 2 games in multiplayer weekly server session.  To start Scenario 3 this week. Working to complete update of Campaign game (doubles for Scenario 5) scenario start file, optimization for game displays, adding the missing scenario displays.  Started vassal module extensions for historical counter modifications and tournament scenarios (scenarios 1-3 with all rules and Section VIII Scenario Addenda). Base module will be maintained as base published game with valid errata additions. Various variants, house rules, questionable 2nd edition, 3rd edition, things the designer intended but never documented will be accommodated by vassal module extension rather than being forced on all players.

Updated 2020/04/19

    *Module updated to final version of v0.7.  All unit verified, but likely a few odds and ends to fix.  All scenarios 1,2,3,4,5,Campaign are now playable.  v0.8 is now in progress. WGA-TLD-Workgroup's effort has transitioned to add enhanced module capabilities and improvements towards creating a state of the art module and tweaking counter art as needed. Organized pbem & expanding the active player base are primary goals. Weekly group server play on Vassal/Discord Servers. All are invited.  

Updated 2020/04/16

    *WGA is actively upgrading module almost daily.  Currently at v0.6b08. Have fixed setup areas, artillery reset traits, non unique names within German Pz Divsions (I/I, II/I of artillery, Mech, and armor).  Will post final version of v0.6 after scenario 3 vassal start file is rebuilt.  Then on to v0.7 for scenario 4 and incorporation of many additional features. Contact Bill Thomson <> for access to the Dropbox: WGA TLD Workgroup.  Our second play-test game of scenario 2 starts 2020/04/16; see Dropbox for details and Discord server invite.  All arriving players will be given commands. Primary purpose is to play-test the module and identify possible new capabilities to further enable ease of play.  Organized pbem & expanding the active player base are primary goal.s 

Updated 2020/01/17

    *Interim version of an ongoing major enhancement in progress by Wargame Academy.   See Version history file.  Seeking players to argument the player advisory panel.  Module being updated daily.  Intention is to play TLD pbem with minimum effort. 

Update 2019/12/20

    *Wargame Academy is currently updating to version 0.3 to WGA standard vassal module capability with so far 5 others serving on the panel for input.  Due to continuous updates, it is not yet posted.  Contact me directly for status info or to join TLD panel;

Update 2018/03/19

    * Added Mask/Unmask option for the force pool units, to play with Fog of War, don't work with units deployed in maps. Updated splash screen. Use (tools-refresh counters) to update any corrections made to the base images.

Update 2018/03/10

    *, Historical corrections made to U.S. Armored Divisional Artillery. They all have 18 barrels per Battalion not 12. I have added Blue to the Attack values of all Artillery type units and red to all units that are eligible to move in the Mech movement phase, this is to make sure the player does not miss out by not seeing the unit.  Coastal artillery is in Purple so you don't add it to a ground attack later when they are stacked with other combat units.  I have added air interdiction ZOC counters to the Air chart so that they can be used to hue the affected areas, this way it will be easy to know when you have entered an air interdicted hex. The Allied Player Simply uses the clone action to make as many as you need. I hope to do more research into German units and create a more historical order of battle for the module within the next 3-6 months, Thanks to Stephen for the assist in finding documentation sources for the British assault forces update.  Feedback would be appreciated.

UPDATE 2018/01/09

  • 0.1.2 module corrections and add-ons: Corrections 4th inf div U.S. defense values have been changed to 6's

Missing spitfire FB 125 added.

  • 76/3rd arty has been slotted in its proper place on sword assault group.
  • U.S. airborne artillery battalions have been added to the setup drop zone table.3/325 Glider inf has replaced the 505 unit in D+1 drop zone W.
  • Replacement units have been given a rotation function to show the step process for absorption into active on-board units.
  • The 12th ss panzer division missing mechanized inf unit has been placed on the entry track,the erroneous HQ has been removed.Turns out the 2nd layer was linked to the 272 HQ...weird. Use Tools-refresh counters to update corrections if needed.
  • Special unit entry numbers have been place under each unit so they are now available to check against activation die rolls.
  • TEC, Combat charts and the allied assault landing chart have been added to the module.
  • A complete gunfire control display with bombardment table has been added.

UPDATE 06/05/25

  • TAHGC BIG game, seven pounds of game. It covers the landings and breakout of Normandy. The TLD module effort has committed resources as of 060514 with the strategy of modular assembly starting with scenario, 1. Some additional Java coding requirements are defined.
  • Assistance to either the module configuration or contributors are welcome. a WGA 2nd edition Rulebook project is also active in parallel. Anyone whose play experience has identified rules issues; options; standards etc are welcome.
  • Initial challenges are decisions regarding the map which will challenge memory limits. Hence the decision to start with Scenario one.

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