Module:The Other Side

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The Other Side Logo.png
Publisher Wyrd Miniatures Era Victorian
Year 2017 Topic Steampunk
Players 2 to 2 Scale Miniatures
Length 120 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
2.2 Beyond the Other Side
TheOtherSide2.2 BTOS.vmod module 164.53 MB 2024-07-05 3.7.12
2.1 Beyond the Other Side
TheOtherSide2.1 BTOS.vmod module 164.53 MB 2023-12-12 3.7.5
2.0 Beyond the Other Side
TheOtherSide2.0 BTOS.vmod module 159.92 MB 2023-12-07 3.6.19
TheOtherSide1.3.2.vmod module 149.28 MB 2022-08-07 3.6.6
TheOtherSide1.3.1.vmod module 148.36 MB 2022-04-22 3.6.6
TheOtherSide1.3.vmod module 146.85 MB 2021-12-29 3.5.8
TheOtherSide1.2.vmod module 145.67 MB 2021-06-25 3.5.4
TheOtherSide1.1.vmod module 142.42 MB 2021-04-07 3.5.4
TheOtherSide1.0.vmod module 141.44 MB 2020-04-30 1.0

Module Information

Maintainer Wyrd Miniatures
Contributors Alex Cairns, Matt Carter, Arran Jones


The Other Side is a streamlined game intended to be easy to pick up and learn while still providing an exciting, tactical experience for players. These epic battles take place across the Earth are played out on a 4 x 6 table with scattered, light terrain. Alternating activations keep you involved in the action every step of the way, while a five turn game keeps the fighting quick and bloody. The average game lasts about two hours. The Other Side is won and lost by how well your troops complete their mission, creating an ebb and flow to the battle as objectives are fiercely contested throughout the entire game.

Wyrd Miniatures, Malifaux, The Other Side, Through the Breach, all character names, their distinctive likenesses, and faction symbols are property of Wyrd Miniatures, LLC and © 2005-2020 Wyrd Miniatures.

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