Module:The Shores of Tripoli

From Vassal
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Publisher Fort Circle Games Era 18th Century
Year 2020 Topic Wargame
Players 1 to 2 Scale Abstract
Length Medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Shores Of Tripoli v3.vmod Module 3.67 MB 2020-06-19 3.2.17
Shores Of Tripoli v3-1.vmod Module 3.67 MB 2020-06-26 3.2.17
Shores Of Tripoli v3-2.vmod Module 3.67 MB 2020-07-05 3.3.1
Shores Of Tripoli v3-3.vmod Module 3.67 MB 2021-01-15 3.4.12
Shores Of Tripoli v3-4.vmod Module 3.67 MB 2021-01-16 3.4.12
Shores Of Tripoli v3-5.vmod Module 3.67 MB 2021-01-21 3.4.12


Please read the module instructions below before emailing with questions. Thanks!

VASSAL Module Instructions:

1. Each unit has a numeric value which indicates the exact number of pieces represented. Example: The "3" on the US Frigate in Gibraltar at game start indicates that there are 3 US Frigates in this space.

2. Right-click on pieces to detach a unit from a group. Example: Detaching the US Frigate in Gibraltar produces a "1" US Frigate and reduces the original "3" US Frigate to a "2" US Frigate.

3. Right-click on units to increase or decrease number of units represented. Reducing to "0" deletes the piece.

4. The game's fixed number of pieces is maintained as a counter located in the "supply" boxes on the map.

5. The gold coin with the "0" near Tripoli represents gold coins collected by Tripolitan player. Right-click to increase/decrease.

6. Clicking on the "Draw Card" buttons in hand windows will result in a random card draw from the player's deck.

7. Right-click on cards to "Play" to the map. Played US Cards show up on the left side of the map; Tripoli cards go to the right side of the map.

8. Click the "End Turn" button on the toolbar to discard all played cards for the player turn. The pawn on the season track will then either shift from blue to red, or advance to the next season. Pressing this button after the Tripoli player's turn in Winter will reset the pawn to the "Spring" space AND advance the black pawn on the year track.

Known bugs with version 3.0

Incorrect number of US Gunboats and Arab Infantry in supply. Version 3.1 fixes this.

Version 3.3 fixes bug with the "End Turn" button on toolbar incorrectly setting up for the new year before current year is finished. Also, Ctrl-P on cards that are removed when played as event are now sent to Removed Cards window when you click the "End Turn" button.

Version 3.4 fixes bug that prevented the placement of a third US Gunboat.

Version 3.5 fixes bug that caused a stack of 3 Gunboats to delete.

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