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Publisher (Self-Published) Era Fantasy
Year 2009 Topic Science Fiction
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length 30 minutes


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The Twelve Doctors is a non-profit and non-collectable card game set within the immensely popular Doctor Who universe.

The game pits two players against each other for the fate of the galaxy. One player takes the role of the Doctor in all his regenerations, and his opponent assumes control of his arch enemy, The Master.

The Twelve Doctors has an asymmetrical design, with both decks featuring different cards and abilities. The game is played using a 3-row time-line system, representing the battle for Gallifrey, Earth present/future, and Earth past. Gameplay is quick and bloodthirsty with companions EX-TER-MI-NATED! frequently, and marauders being dropped into black holes, or destroyed by the well-placed use of Venusian Aikido.

Primarily a combat-driven card game, each player must manage his deck of cards effectively to win. In addition to simple, unique abilities, each card also has three values: power, cost, and disrupt. Both player's decks are also a measure of the time they have remaining to thwart each other.

The Twelve Doctors lineage can be traced back to San Juan, Magic: The Gathering, BattleTech CCG, and Iliad.

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