Module:Through the Breach

From Vassal
Publisher Wyrd Miniatures Era Victorian
Year 2014 Topic Steampunk
Players 2 to 9 Scale Abstract
Length 120mins


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
TTB-v1.vmod module 89.46 MB 2016-07-21 3.2.16
TTB2E-v1_0_1.vmod module 89.48 MB 2024-06-20 3.7.12
Through-the-Breach-Module-Instructions.pdf instruction 6.73 MB 2016-07-21 TTB-v1

Module Information

Maintainer Ratty
Contributors Mason


Through the Breach Roleplaying Game

so a bit of an addendum above; neither the maintainer nor the contributor are reachable with the info given so it's safe to say that this module has been abandoned. However that doesn't mean it is dead. If anyone with the knowhow wants to, they can take it upon themselves to update it. I unfortunately lack the knowhow to do it myself. I will provide an email bellow for anyone who would like to contact Me

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