Module:Time of Crisis

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Ancient
Year 2016 Topic Crisis of the Third Century
Players 2 to 4 Scale Operational
Length 180 min.


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
TimeOfCrisis_v2-02.vmod module 30.7 MB 2019-08-18 3.2.17
TimeOfCrisis_v2-01.vmod module 30.46 MB 2019-07-14 3.2.17
TimeOfCrisis_v2-00.vmod module 30.19 MB 2019-06-18 3.2.17
TimeOfCrisis_V1-03.vmod module 19.29 MB 2017-08-09 3.2.13
TimeOfCrisis_V1-02.vmod module 19.16 MB 2017-08-01 3.2.13
TimeOfCrisis_V1-01.vmod module 18.35 MB 2017-06-17 3.2.13
TimeOfCrisis_V1-0.vmod module 18.45 MB 2017-06-13 3.2.13

Module Information

Maintainer Judd Vance
Contributors Dave Casper


Version 2.02 adds support for the "Variable Setup" option (expansion rule 2.1.2):

  • In this variant, original and expansion influence cards are combined into a single deck, only the top card of a given deck may be drafted, and the top card can be "burned" to the bottom of the deck at a cost of 1 political point.
  • A button is added next to the event card setup button; if you press it at the start of the game, the influence cards will be combined and shuffled. If you do *not* want to use the variant, you can right click the variant button and delete it, to avoid accidentally triggering it during play.
  • Each deck now has a small card counter above it, showing the number of original (before "/") and expansion (after "/") cards remaining in it.
  • There is an occasional bug where the process of combining the decks somehow duplicates the expansion cards (e.g. the newly-combined 2-point decks show 9/18 cards instead of 9/9). If this happens, the easiest way to fix it is to click "Undo" on the toolbar, and combine the decks again. I have never seen the problem happen twice in a row.
  • You can right click one of the combined decks to send the top card to the bottom of the deck. A message is printed in the chat window so you know it was done (if the next card is identical, there will be no other visual feedback).
  • The "Buy" window displayed with a player's hand now only shows the top card of each deck. This is actually a nice quality of life improvement even if you don't use the variant, since you will now only see one copy of each card available for purchase.
  • Selecting a card in the "Buy" window and hitting "down arrow" also sends it to the bottom of the deck.
  • Version 2.02 should be compatible with older v2 save files, but due to Vassal limitations, you can only use the new features by starting (with 2.02) a new game.

Version 2.01 is a rebuild/update in an attempt to fix a problem with pieces disappearing from save files. The previously reproducible problem no longer occurs. It will take more testing to see whether the strange behavior has migrated somewhere else.

Version 2.00 is an update based on version 1.03, to include the Time of Iron and Rust expansion. It is likely incompatible with earlier v1.x save files. Choose the Solitaire side in a 1 player game vs. the 3 bots. - DC

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