Module:To Be King

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Publisher Dr Nostromo's Games Era Alternate World
Year Current Topic Fantasy RPG
Players 2 to 6 Scale unknown
Length Multiple Sessions


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Maintainer Dr_Nostromo
Contributors Dr_Nostromo


An original fantasy, adventure, strategy game that has be 25 years in the making. Originally a board game (and may be once again in the future), it is now a CCG with somewhere around 2000 cards. This new version 3.0 is currently in the alpha play testing stage. This game will be private among a group of players. For full information on the game and on how to become a member of the group, go to website.

The original board game version has been discontinued ...I was very ignorant of how the Vassal engine worked at the time I created that module and it is currently far to cumbersome to play. Quite a disappointment to both myself and others who tried using it so we'll just pretend it never happened, OK? This new CCG version is really quite nice, though. Check it out.

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