Module:Tokyo Express

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Publisher Victory_Games Era WWII
Year 1988 Topic Naval
Players 1 to 2 Scale Mixed
Length 180 mins

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
tokyo_express.vmod Module 13.26 MB 2011-06-23 3.1 rickbill rickbill
tokyo_express_v0.95.vmod Module 13.26 MB 2011-12-13 unknown Tormenta rickbill, Tormenta
tokyo_express_v.096.vmod Module 13.26 MB 2011-12-14 unknown Tormenta rickbill, Tormenta
tokyo_express_v.097.vmod Module 22.55 MB 2012-01-09 unknown Tormenta rickbill, Tormenta
tokyo_express_v.098.vmod Module 22.55 MB 2012-01-09 unknown Tormenta rickbill, Tormenta
tokyo_express_v.099.vmod Module 22.54 MB 2016-05-08 3.2.16 grosbil rickbill, Tormenta, grosbil, Bordeaux - France


This is a VASSAL module (if you have bug reports/things I forgot/enhancements, email me at my BGG mail account (rickbill)). It is an adaptation of the cyberboard gamebox into a VASSAL module. Enjoy!

New version uploaded. New 0.95 version is just the same as Rickbill's 0.9 one with a minor glitch fixed; now the Japanese player is able to access his units in two players mode.

And yet another version 0.97 with improved Map and Game Turn Chart scannings thanks to the kindly contribution of vialiy. Not compatible with saved games.

New Version 0.99 :

  • 1) Ships sorted in the same order as the rosters.
  • 2) Possibility to write a label on top of the ships.
  • 3) New markers : US Columnwise and Turn.
  • 4) Turn markers now rotate.
  • 5) Attacker and Target markers now can change label.
  • 6) Reorganized all the markers.

Send me a private message if something seems wrong. grosbil

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