Module:Tomb Raider

From Vassal
Publisher Precedence Publishing Era Modern
Year 1999 Topic Adventure
Players 2 to 4 Scale Abstract
Length 45 minutes


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26 July 2015: "It's been [3] years since I made this so I feel it's time to fix some things that was brought up recently. This won't happen overnight but I'll get it done nonetheless. I definitely want to get the Big Guns expansion installed, and provide optional maps, plus a few tweaks here and there."

In Tomb Raider, you take the role of Lara Croft or one of their rival Tomb Raiders. You may explore a tomb or cave, or face some other mysterious and dangerous quest.

During the game you will fight wild animals, defeat traps and overcome many other obstacles to find the level’s treasure and win the game! Tomb Raider is a game for two or more competing raiders.

Each player who plans to compete for the treasure needs their own deck of Tomb Raider cards. Your group will also need several six-sided dice, plastic figures to represent your raiders and the various tokens included with each quest deck.

Use coins or other tokens to represent additional Tomb Raiders if there are not enough different Lara figures for all of you. Tomb Raider can also be played by a single player. But all that is included in the module! Enjoy!

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