Module:Tonnage War Solitaire

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Publisher (Self-Published) Era WWII
Year 2016 Topic Naval
Players 1 to 1 Scale Tactical
Length Short


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Tonnage_War_Solitaire_20.vmod Module 3.02 MB 2017-07-30 3.2.16+
TonnageWarSolitaireRules.pdf Rulebook 283 KB 2017-07-30 unknown

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Tonnage War is a solitaire game simulating the great North Atlantic convoy battles of 1942-43. The player controls the anti-submarine escorts protecting a convoy of Allied merchantmen, while the German U-boats attacking the convoy are portrayed through the mechanics of the game system. The game comes complete with a full set of rules and 8 scenarios depicting some of the greatest Atlantic convoy battles of WWII. Scenario play runs from as little as 20 minutes to about 3 hours. The module is designed for the easy creation of new scenarios. The game was designed by Leonard Heinz, and the VASSAL module was created by Richard Dionne. Leonard's website describing the original game can be found at the following location.

Tonnage War Solitaire Website

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