From Vassal
Publisher Game Designers' Workshop Era WWII
Year 1985 Topic Mediterranean Front
Players 2 Scale Operational
Length 3 to 5 hours Series Europa Series

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Torch_v0.9.vmod Module 6.25 MB 2022-11-08 3.67 SteelDragon (RWeston)
WITD-Western_Desert&Torch_v2.0.vmod Module 10.49 MB 2022-12-05 3.67 SteelDragon (RWeston)


WITD Version 2.0 notes (RWeston) This module will allow you to play the War in the Desert campaign included in GDW's Torch using the maps and counters from the Western Desert and Torch modules. In addition to the features listed for the Torch module, I have added some additional features to simplify game play.

1. Added Send to Greece commands to all applicable Allied units. These commands only display during the turn they apply to that unit. For example, a Glad air unit should be sent to Greece only during the Jan I 1941 turn, so on the Jan I 1941 turn the Send to Greece command is avaiable to be selected. On any other turns, the command will not be available.

2. Added a Resolve Unit Campaign in Greece command to all Allied units and supply counters sent to Greece. This command is only visible on the Jun I 1941 turn, for units and supply counters in the Allied Units in Greece holding box. Clicking this command will automatically send a unit with heavy equipment to the replacement pool, automatically delete a supply counter, or for an Infantry, Light AA, or Air unit, a d6 value will be generated and depending on the unit type and die roll the appropriate result will be implemented and the result will be reported. The surviving units will be moved to the map just above Egypt for final placement by the Allied player.

3. If you do not want to individually click each unit in the Allied Units in Greece holding box, on the Jun I 1941 turn, you can click the Resolve Campaign in Greece command for the Allied Forces in Greece holding box button and all effects for all units and supply counters will be resolved, implemented, and reported.

4. There is an Allied Garrisons Holding Box on the Allied Game Chart to be used to hold the applicable units if Optional Rule 32.G, hidden forces in the Delta, Palestine, the Levant and Cyprus, is used.

5. Added a Vichy Levant Status Marker/Button to the Game Turn Chart with a command to Flip the Vichy Status Level and a command to roll on the Vichy Table. By clicking on the Roll on Vichy Table command, a 2d6 value will be generated and the dice result and effect will be reported and implemented correctly if the Vichy Levant Neutrality marker is set to the correct value.

6. Added Vichy Neutrality marker below the Vichy Table to keep track of neutrality status of Vichy Levant. This was needed to correct the automated Vichy Status function. Needed to account for -1 modifier when Allies invade the Levant. Players need to remember that they cannot start rolling until the April I 1941 turn or the Allies invade the Levant, whichever comes first.

7. The Tripolitani Garrison units have been placed in their holding box for the campaign and a unit command has been added to the units in this box to move the units to the map just above Tripoli for final deployment by the Axis player.

8. The Italian 5th Army units can now be randomly drawn into the 5th Army box and a unit command can be used to deploy the units to Tripoli.

9. I have included the optional units from the Europa Magazine for those who want to play with them.

Torch Version 0.9 notes (RWeston) This module will allow you to play GDW's Torch. I have added some features to simplify game play.

1. I made changes to the charts: (a.) Scraped/Dead Unit Piles has been added to the same chart as the Victory Points(VPs) Track with preset markers, making it easier to count the unit loss VPs at the end of the game. (b.) To reduce size, the Allied and Axis Game Charts both have separate tabs for Unit Organization boxes and Replacement Pools/Holding Boxes/Replacement Point tracks. (c.) The Game Turn Charts includes the Turn Record track, the Weather Status track, the Malta Status counter, and Vichy Status markers for Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, plus many Initial Phase tables. (d.) A new Europe Holding Box has been added to the Axis Game Chart to place new German and Italian reinforcements and units turned back on previous turns by the Malta Table. Included is an automatic Malta Table routine. Place units, replacements, and supply steps in the Europe Holding Box and then select where to ship option to resolve all effects. Units will be placed in the applicable Shipped, Returned, and Eliminated boxes, depending on the results. (e.) All Naval/Shipping tables have been placed on the Naval Shipping Game chart.

2. Have made many new markers and have improved existing markers: (a.) I have added airfield capacity and damage counters to the airfield markers so there is no need for using hit markers to record damage to the airfields and for incremental airfield construction. (b.) Added Fort Under Constuct. to the back side of the Fort and Airfield Under Constuct. to the back side of the Airfield markers for tracking construction for all situations. (c.) Created special Harassment marker to make it easier to track harassment hits. (d.) Added separate port damage and airbase damage markers to make it easier to track damage when a hex contains both an airbase and a port. (e.) Have added Attack Supply and Out of General Supply markers to make it easier to track this as units are moved and supply is expended. (f.) Reversed the supply markers on the Unit Identification Chart so the side with 2 open half-circles represents 2 steps of supply and the side with 1 open half-circle and 1 filled half-circle represents 1 step of supply, since this makes more sense. (g.) Created SMP Pool and Rail Capacity markers to help track these values as SMPs and Rail Capacity are added, captured, and or lost. (h.) Added a Supply Terminal marker to track when a new supply terminal is opened. (i.) Added Allied and Axis controlled railhead markers since rail movement is only allowed on hexes controlled at the start of the movement phase. (j.) Created a Status marker that can also be hidden to the other player to make hidden notes.

3. Added Build Airfield and Build Fort commands to construction engineer units to place the applicable markers.

4. Added an Inventory button to make it easier to track pieces.

5. Added a Turn Sequence of Play button to make it easier for players to track the phases especially when you might have to save the game in the middle of a turn.

6. Added unit commands to allow the display of the Bombing/Escort/Transport normal ranges, Bombing/Escort/Transport extended ranges, and the Interception/Patrol ranges of air units on the map.

7. Under the help menu, I added an Torch Landings pdf containing an outline created to make it easier for players to conduct the November I and November II game turns of the Torch campaign.

8. Added a Repair Air Unit command to all inoperative air units. By clicking this command, a d6 value will be generated and, taking into account the unit's nationality, the game turn and the d6 value, the corresponding result will be implemented and reported.

9. Added Flip 1/2 RP command to some Replacement Point(RP) markers to allow ability to track half RPs where it is possible for a player to spend a half RP, specifically British, US, German, and Italian Armor and Non-Armor RPs.

10. Added a Perform Patrol Attack command to all fighter units. By clicking this command, a d6 value will be generated and the die roll result and the effect will be reported.

11. Added German and Italian Armor and Non-Armor RP markers to each respective available pieces pool. These RPs can be added to the Europe Holding Box to use the Malta checks command to see if they survive shipping.

There is logging on almost every action to make it easier to see if you forgot something or to understand what is happening during replays.

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