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From Vassal
Publisher Unpublished Era Contemporary
Year 2000 Topic Unknown
Players 1 to 12 Scale Abstract
Length 10+ min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
TTNoJokers.vmod Module 459 KB unknown unknown
TTBruiseJack.vmod Module 460 KB unknown unknown
TTFullNoJokers.vmod Module 460 KB unknown unknown
TTFullWJokers.vmod Module 459 KB unknown unknown
TTSquaresWJokersWChits.vmod Module 446 KB unknown unknown
TTWest.vmod Module 445 KB unknown unknown

Module Information

Maintainer tripletopper
Contributors tripletopper


Welcome to Triple Topper Vassal page

If you don't now anything about the deck, go to Triple Topper and to read about deck, and click on links on right to read rules for games.

Triple Topper can play many different games using the same deck. (Or a part of it.) To read rules to games you can play with Triple Topper card decks, go to [] Note there's also a Java enforced rules page at that site too. The purpose of Triple Topper Vassal is to a- play games not currently avalable, b- play games with more players than my server and programmer allow, and c- test experimental games. The main drawback is that NO CPU enforcement or opponents, but that's ho Vassal's designed.

If you wish to play against me, contact me the following ways:

  • AIM: tripletoppercard
  • Yahoo: tripletopper
  • email:
  • phone to Ohio USA, (It's 7 PM when it's Midnight in Greenwich England.): 330-769-0088 and ask for Brian

Note I have cell phone internet. So now I can be on the net and phone at the same time.

Thank you, Brian Ciesicki

Triple Topper rules and deck (c) 2000-2010 Brian Ciesicki

1.0.2 Fixes undefined hand boards. Plays the following games: Craziness, Memo Match, Bust the Dafuhzit, Six Suit, One verison of Vodkapolis 500. Poke'm, and certain versions of Casino Macedonia

1.1 Added short decks for West, the Squares deck for many different games, and Jokers optionally in or out. Corrected spelling on main page.

Play many different games using a 3-D playing card deck. Games have unique twist. The card have numbers, colors and suits. There are 5 numbers, 5 colors and 5 suits for a total of 125 total combinations of one of each. To read rules to 14 different games you can play, go to [1] Note there are different modules for different games. To make an appointment to play a game online, give 24 hours advance notice and email me at [] Also send an email to all players to arrrange bigger games. Note there are no specific rules programmed in, so you must agree wich version to play. You can create games using this deck. Just give me credit and any money if applicable (or if you go through me, I'll give you money if I make money off your game.) and email to the other players the rules to the game, and enforce the rules yourselves. Notice this is a very "open" system. Play any game you want. Non-profit playing is free. I just ask you to consider patronizing the sponsors.

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