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Publisher Kosmos Era 18th Century
Year 2004 Topic unknown
Players 2 to 8 Scale Abstract
Length 15 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Tsuro_0.4.1.vmod VASSAL Module 2.99 MB 2012-05-11 3.1.19
Tsuro_0.4.vmod VASSAL Module 2.99 MB 2012-05-10 3.1.19
Tsuro_0.3.1.vmod VASSAL Module 2.99 MB 2012-05-09 3.1.19
Tsuro_0.3.vmod VASSAL Module 2.99 MB 2012-05-07 3.1.18
Tsuro_0.2.vmod VASSAL Module 2.99 MB 2012-05-07 3.1.18
Tsuro_0.1.vmod VASSAL Module 2.99 MB 2012-05-05 3.1.18

Module Information

Maintainer bugggg
Contributors bugggg


We've found that it's best to determine play order based on the order of the player hand buttons at the top.

If the players remember to click "End Turn", it should not be easy to lose track of the current player.

Version 0.4.1: Added "None" to the Dragon Tile Owner counter. Made some user-requested usability enhancements.

Version 0.4: Removed the physical Dragon Tile and replaced it with a "turn counter" that can be docked in the top status bar.

Version 0.3.1: Fixed a problem with a tile that was unflippable.

Version 0.3: Added snap-to behavior for pieces.

Version 0.2: Fixed broken player hands and added zoom capability.

Version 0.1: Initial release.

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