From Vassal
Publisher Avalon Hill Era Contemporary
Year 1962 Topic Puzzle
Players 2 to 2 Scale Abstract
Length 30 min

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Twixt.vmod Module 83 KB 2009-11-05 unknown brian448
Twixt_Rules.txt Rules 3 KB 2009-11-05 unknown brian448
Twixt_1.1.vmod Module 1,005 KB 2014-01-24 not with 1.0 Twixtfanatic
T1j8rows.vlog Game log 6 KB 2014-01-244 not with 1.0 Twixtfanatic
How_to_play_Twixt_on_Vassal.pdf help file 77 KB 2014-01-24 not for 1.0 Twixtfanatic
Twixt-1.2.vmod Module 1.35 MB 2017-01-01 1.1 Twixtfanatic
Twixt-1,2a.vmod Module 1.35 MB 2024-04-08 3.7.6


Invented by Alex Randolph in 1958

First published by 3M in 1962

Module 1.2a is a fork of 1.2. Additions include zoom capability, easier piece access, and piece highlighting via right-click menu selection.

Modules 1.1 and 1.2 Created by: David Jonathan Bush

Thanks to Brian Mason for version 1.0, and to Russ Williams for help with the 1.1 splash screen.

Contact me at twixtfanatic atsymbol gmail period com

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Version History

  • 1.0 Initial offering
  • 1.1 Added more help pages, snap to grid, variants
  • 1.2 Made the pegs bigger. Added hollow circle pieces for post mortem analysis.
  • 1.2a Includes zoom, easier piece access, and piece highlighting via right-click.

Screen Shots


  • brian448
  • Twixtfanatic
  • Peyrol (Twixtfanatic's sock puppet)