Module:Unhappy King Charles

From Vassal
Publisher GMT Games Era Gunpowder
Year 2008 Topic English Civil War
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length Long

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
UKC_v4.2.vmod Module 21.06 MB 2023-10-10 3.6.10 Jim Hunter ccxvii
UKC_v4.1.vmod Module 10.27 MB 2023-01-23 3.6.10 Jim Hunter
UKC_v4.0.2.vmod Module 9.84 MB 2021-06-22 3.5.7 Jim Hunter
UKC_v4.0.1.vmod Module 9.84 MB 2021-05-23 3.5.5 Jim Hunter
UKC_v4.0.vmod Module 9.74 MB 2021-03-12 3.5.3 Jim Hunter
2.1 Automated Card Dealing -- final version with "old" graphics
UKC_v2.1_FOW.vmod Module 9.71 MB 2014-05-21 3.2.11+ Lukasz Grabun
2.024 Automated Card Dealing
UKC_v2.024_FOW.vmod Module 9.71 MB 2014-05-02 3.2.11+ Lukasz Grabun
2.023 Automated Card Dealing
UKC_v2.023_FOW.vmod Module 9.71 MB 2014-04-30 3.2.11+ Lukasz Grabun
1.21 Fog of War
UKC_v1.21_FOW.vmod Module 10.35 MB 2012-02-25 3.0+ Justin Hoffman
UKC ver1.1.vmod Module 10.34 MB xxxx-xx-xx 3.0+ Joel Toppen


Version 4.2 fixed colors:

  • Updated images to better match printed component colors.

Version 4.1 new features:

  • Added ability to detect and report illegal subordinations.
  • Added ability to detect and report armies with too many brigades.
  • Added support for "Strength Labels" which can be made to appear above leader and local notable counters, describing their total strength, number of brigades and corresponding movement points.

Version 4.0.2 fixed a bug introduced in version 4.0:

  • The menu item which allows the Royalist player to "mask" a brigade counter was accidentally deleted.

Version 4.0.1 fixed a Critical Bug introduced in version 4.0:

  • The Advance turn button is completely inoperable in Vassal versions 3.5.4 and later due to a module bug introduced in module version 4.0. That module bug was masked by Vassal bug 14136 until the Vassal bug was fixed in 3.5.4, thus exposing the module bug.

Version 4.0 features (new compared to 2.1):

  • Finished automating preparation of the Draw Deck.
  • Added support to optionally use translucent "bingo chips" instead of "flag counter" to represent PC control.
  • Added "Scoreboard" window to display Power Base, Region and Infrastructure control, and corresponding VPs.
  • Added "Hand Counts" window to display how many cards (and Ace in the Hole cards) each player has in their hand.
  • Added menu options to automate adding Brigades and Armies to a General's Command Display.
  • Added "Disperse" menu option to send a General and all Brigades and Armies in its Command Display to the Unemployed Generals Box.
  • Added automation to enforce rules governing when a player may legally pass during the Campaign Phase.
  • Automated placement of Reinforcing Generals to the Reinforcement Box when the turn is advanced.
  • Log messages in the Chat Window have been enhanced, rationalized and generally cleaned up.

Note: version 3.0.1 of the module has been removed as it was utterly broken and not really working as intended. Version 2.1 is still available and should be working fine.

Version 3.0 brings new art, new function (e.g. stat display)

Version 3.0 features (new compared to 2.1):

  • 1. MedWar cards are automatically added to the deck,
  • 2. each General counter can now display General's attributes (including number of Brigades he commands and their total strength),
  • 3. placing and flipping counters is now much easier.

Version 2.024 fixes minor bugs with reporting.

GMT Games

Version 2.023 features some major changes:

  • 1. dealing cards is now a one-click operation,
  • 2. Late War deck adds automatically to the draw pile,
  • 3. Player Hand windows feature now buttons through which they may
    • a. discard random card to discard pile or
    • b. other player hand,
    • c. draw a card from discard pile (Parliament only),
    • d. draw a card from draw pile.

Version 1.21

Version 1.21 "FOW" is a minor change to Joel Toppen's v1.1. Version 1.21FOW now provides the ability to mask brigade counters to keep the combat values secret. Only the owning player (or the solo player) can flip units to reveal their strengths for combat (however, both sides have the option to flag units with their own flags to allow for units to switch allegiances during play). I added blue/orange "backs" for the brigade units and the ability to mask them. The Royalist player will also need to manually flip the 3 units that start on the map at the start of a new game. No other changes were made to Joel's work.

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  • Joel Toppen
  • fremen
  • jeb123
  • Rindis
  • Lee Forester
  • Roger Leroux
  • anomaly99
  • John Longstreet
  • Burkhalter
  • Jim Hunter