Module:Vampire the Masquerade: Redmoon River

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Publisher White Wolf Era Fantasy
Year 1991 Topic Horror
Players 1 to 4 Scale Abstract


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Module Information

Maintainer VassalJason
Contributors VassalJason


Vampire: The Masquerade based RPG

Redmoon River uses a combination of 3rd and 2nd ed. rules. The RPing is mainly unstructured. Rolls required only if in direct conflict with another player, or if asked by the ST. Players mainly create Storylines via interacting with other players, though the ST's will occasionally create an SL.

Guests are welcome, however only on predefined sheets. If you wish to join, go to the Character Sheet Generator. Upon completion. An ST will notify you of it's acceptance via e-mail, until then, you can use the sheet, minus any "ST Approval Required" items.

New Features:

  1. Walking a unit through a door will send that unit to the correct map and location automatically (Still a bit glitchy, will improve in future updates)
  2. Inventory used so people know who's where within the bar.
  3. Expanded help section, with detailed explaination of Combat and Disciplines (vampire magic) within.

Future additions:

  1. Larger list of weapons
  2. Character Sheets, viewable only by the character's player, and the ST
  3. Pieces only usable by the character you logged in to will show in the pieces menu. (waiting for a specific upgrade to the core Vassal program to impliment)
  4. Other locations within Redmoon River selectable
  5. A "create a location" option, so players are not limited to just what us ST's have gotten to creating.

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