Module:Verdun, The Game of Attrition

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Verdun ConflictGames.jpg
Publisher Conflict Games Era WWI
Year 1972 Topic Western Front
Players 2 to 2 Scale Tactical


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Module Information

Maintainer Gouka


Verdun, The Game of Attrition depicts the first month of the grim Battle of Verdun, fought from February 21st all the way through to December 18th, 1916. It is one of the most famous battles of World War 1, and was a microcosm of the war on Western Front consuming in the end as casualties over 700,000 French and German soldiers for little or no territorial gain. This game, designed by John Hill, does a very good job of depicting several aspects of this battle, mainly the attritional nature of the battle, the "mincing machine" as it was called at the time, as well as the deadly effect that artillery played in battles of this era.

Module Notes

  • Please check out the Unit Identification tab when you open the charts, as it gives a run down of the counters and some of the housekeeping changes I made to them, as well as a description of each counter's right-click menu.
  • Also, I decided to try using Ammo counters as currency to keep track of each side's ammo stockpiles, which are located on each side's Order of Battle cards. Not sure how happy I am with that, so that may change to something else in the future.

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