Module:Village Builder

From Vassal
Publisher Web Era Medieval
Year 2020 Topic City Building
Players 1 to 1 Scale Abstract
Length 40-100 min


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Village_Builder_1.0.0.vmod Module 7.15 MB 2021-03-30 3.5.4

Module Information

Maintainer Marc Bélanger


Medieval cities: they’re cramped, muddy, and generally unpleasant. You want something more. So, you’ve set out on your own to forge a new path. Start a village from meager beginnings and perhaps someday it will grow into your very own cramped, muddy, and generally unpleasant city!

Village Builder is a hand management tile laying worker placement game. The goal is to accrue as many victory points as you can by building a bustling village.

Module for Janine Viglietti's entry into the BGG's 2020 Solitaire Print and Play Contest.

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