Module:Volition CCG

From Vassal
Publisher Cryptogogue, Inc. Era Fantasy
Year 2022 Topic Card Games
Players 2 to 2 Scale Abstract
Length 45 to 60 minutes

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
volition_1.1.vmod module 57.75 MB 2022-03-22 3.6.5 Carlos Moreno Serrano
volition_1.0.vmod module 57.74 MB 2022-03-18 3.6.5 Carlos Moreno Serrano
volition_0.11.vmod module 50.3 MB 2022-03-15 3.6.5 Carlos Moreno Serrano

Change Log

Version 1.1 adds support for decree management. Now you can keep track of your decrees and increase or decrease their number by clicking the buttons.

Version 1.0 adds all possible combinations of hosts with a single aug. Omega Host with Omega aug is currently buggy, so it is not supported, but will be added as soon as possible.

Version 0.11 adds additional art, a new Delta deck for Player 2 and now resource cards do not stack, so that you can freely arrange them to your liking.

Version 0.10 adds additional art for specific cards.

Version 0.9 adds additional art for specific cards.

Version 0.8 adds the ability to automatically generate specific mortal tokens for the key cards that are allowed to produce them by just right-clicking->generate mushroom (for example). The module has also been revamped to only use prototypes for ease of maintenance.

Version 0.7 adds auto-rotation of resources when played, avoiding having to manually rotate them correctly each time. Minor technical improvements in the background.

Version 0.6 adds a ton of player usability enhancements: automatic counters that display how many cards there are in a particular stack; visibility settings have changed for all cards depending on which area of the board they are (main board or any of the multiple stacks/decks). Reputation and masterminds have their own decks with specific visibility options and abilities. Rotating cards are now in 90 degree increments, so you can exhaust a card with just one click, instead of two.

Version 0.5 adds the save/load deck capability to both discard piles to make it easier to save your manually created deck.


Volition CCG module with explicit permission by the publishers.

Here is a video explaining how to use the module to play the game (a bit outdated due to all the new features):

Screen Shots


  • Carlos Moreno Serrano