Module:Wacht am Rhein': The Battle of the Bulge, 16 Dec 44-2 Jan 45

From Vassal
Publisher Simulations Publications, Inc. Era WWII
Year 1977 Topic Battle of the Bulge
Players 2 to 4 Scale Tactical
Length Very Long

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
1.42 East is up Orientation
WAR SPI 1977 V142.vmod Module 32.41 MB 2022-12-28 3.6.7 Bill Clancy John Edwards
1.3 East is up Orientation
WAR SPI 1977 V13.vmod Module 29.23 MB 2021-01-15 3.4.11 Bill Clancy John Edwards
1.0 North is up Orientation
SPI Wacht am Rhein.vmod module 55.44 MB 2021-01-09 3.4.8 Phillip Weltsch
1.1 North is up Orientation
Wacht am Rhein Alt.vmod module 30.23 MB 2021-03-20 3.5.2


WAR SPI 1977 V142.vmod created by Bill C

Updating this module had been a challenge in the past as I had used the inbuilt piece construction tools (creating units from scratch) rather than using scans of the units. Everytime I made changes to the module I would have to spend ages fixing random breakages with the units. With 1.42 I have added scanned units.

Apologies for the Germans looking a bit washed out - the low res scans of the germans (grey does not scan well at low res) meant that I had to touch up the units, which diminishes the sharpness of the image. If this is a problem, and you prefer cleaner and brighter unit images, then 1.3 is for you!

WAR SPI 1977 V13.vmod created by Bill C

There is a "Read me" in the Help menu. It will help you understand some of the game functions.

There's also a third variant module of this game from Decision Games,

BC: This link references the Decision Games remake of Wacht am Rhein. The game is very different from the original, so their module will be different.

The modules, here, cover the first edition game from SPI.

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