Module:Warchestra (Classic)

From Vassal
Publisher (Self-Published) Era Contemporary
Year 2017 Topic Abstract Strategy
Players 2 to 4 Scale Mixed
Length 2+ hours


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Classic Warchestra v 2 30.vmod module 130.73 MB 2020-12-29 3.4.12
Classic Warchestra v 2 20.vmod module 130.73 MB 2019-03-03 3.2.17
Classic Warchestra v 2 00.vmod module 130.73 MB 2017-05-07 3.2.17
Classic Warchestra Tutorial 1 v 1 01.vlog tutorial logfile 192 KB 2017-05-17 3.2.17
Classic Warchestra Tutorial 2 v 1 10.vlog tutorial logfile 576 KB 2017-05-22 3.2.17

Module Information

Maintainer Rod Worthington


Warchestra is a self-published game. Warchestra name (as applied to games), logo, and tagline copyright 2017 Rodney A. Worthington.

PDF and HTML versions of the rules - both 2-player and multiplayer - are available for download here

The HTML versions should work in Chrome, though there have been past issues. They may or may not work using other browsers.

The tutorial logfiles cover most of the game, but in order to appreciate some of Warchestra's finer points, you really should read the rules.

Screen Shots


  • Colonel Scythe