Module:Warhammer: Diskwars

From Vassal
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games Era Fantasy
Year 2013 Topic [[Category:|Warhammer: Diskwars]]
Players 2 to 4 Scale Abstract
Length 45min-75mins Series Warhammer Fantasy Board Games


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
WHDW_3.vmod Module 17.97 MB 2022-04-26 3.6.6
WHDW2_2.vmod Module 35.4 MB 2015-01-01
WHDW 2X43.vmod Module 112.23 MB 2017-07-13
WHDW_2X44.vmod Module 114.66 MB 2017-10-5

Module Information

Maintainer Velensk / alecrespi
Contributors Velensk / alecrespi


v3 changelog

  • vassal 3.6.6 compatibility
  • reduced pictures size
  • reduced default setup file size / removed
  • enabled HTML support chat log
  • refreshed game icons
  • floating box for army tokens
  • terrain deck always available on board
  • objective deck always available on board
  • deployment deck always available on board
  • separate rules chart
  • separate toolbar box for armies
  • separate toolbar box for terrain
  • separate toolbar box for counter tokens
  • main mapbpard/tabletop in main screen (not in separate window)
  • range ruler always available on main table
  • small disk rotation/movement
  • medium disk rotation/movement
  • large disk rotation/movement
  • higher deployment card quality
  • command cards image preview floating layout
  • pre-built armies chart
  • learning scenario included
  • added 3rd and 4th player support (with activation and discard decks)
  • terrain deck does not need to be shuffled (you can right click and select specific cards)
  • deployment deck "always shuffles"
  • scenario deck "always shuffles"
  • specific scenario cards could be removed via "right click"
  • fixed deployment deck cards. 14 cards (instead of 12) because of 1x All In (value 6) and 1x Palisade (value 3)
  • changed rotation keyboard shortcuts shift + arrow keys instead of ctl

  • Jan 2nd 2015 (Velensk): This is not my project originally but the original author didn't see fit to upload it here and also had the size of some of the components wrong (which causes several gameplay problems due to the nature of the game). I've fixed these and decided to upload this here. This contains the core set of the game. I intend sometime within the next month to upload another version which contains the content from the expansions. You'll probably have an easier time finding community for this mod on BGG or on the fantasy flight forum for it than posting here.
  • Jan 3rd 2015 (Velensk): I found myself much less busy than I expected both yesterday and today and so I completed the update to include the expansions. I also added a feature that will allow deployment zone cards to be rotated and the zones to be viewed.
  • Jan 26 2015 (Velensk): Someone pointed out a bug in the last version. I fixed that and added a couple new features while I was at it.
  • Apr 9 2015 (Velensk): The 2X version includes some feature updates (such as damage tokens being added to the token system finally) and a user made faction (the Tomb Kings) plus a few extra cards. EDIT: Thank you to the patient moderator who changed the file type back to .vmod.
  • Jan 18 2015 (Velens): I've uploaded a new version which includes some balance changes to the Tomb Kings, an additional user made army in the Ogre Kingdoms, and a new section for any special rules needed by the new factions.
  • May 3 2016 (Velensk) New version. Has some custom lizard men units.
  • May 22 2017 (Velensk) Mostly things changed under the hood, though I did fix an issue with the default setup.
  • July 13 2017 (Velensk) New terrain, updated versions and cleaner art for the ogres, and the special scenarios from organized play were added in.
  • Oct 05 2017 (Velensk) User made Scaven added in

Screen Shots