From Vassal
Publisher Privateer Press Era Fantasy
Year 2003 Topic Fighting
Players 2 to 4 Scale Miniatures
Length Short


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
WMH_Vassal-5.4.2.vmod module 138.76 MB 2021-12-30 3.6.3+

Versions of this module older than 5.4.2 are not compatible with Vassal 3.5+. If you wish to use a current version of Vassal, use the version 5.4.2 of the this module with Vassal 3.6.3 or later. If you are the maintainer of this module and would like to know what was modified in 5.4.2 to make it operate with Vassal 3.6 please contact us in the forum and we will be happy to describe it. -- VASSAL team

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Cheat Sheet

Saving Lists Instructions

Players Guide by WarroomPL

Module version 5.4 Release

Vassal Warmachine/Hordes v5.4.1

1. Merged in the models introduced in the COC CID. Added artwork where available for the new models that have official releases.

2. Added models for Ashlyn2 and her Unit.

3. Corrected the terrorizer base size and grid name.

4. Corrected the Dhunia archon boxes.

5. Updated the names of all of the archons to reflect their actual names.

6. Removed the extra dice buttons.

7. Removed some out of date auras and command bubbles.

8. Updated the artwork for Nemo4, his unit, Glyn, Scythe, Powder Monkey, Steelhead Arcanist, Steelhead Gunner, Steelhead Ironhead, Steelhead Cannon, Steelhead Mortar, Steelhead Volley Gun, and the crew, Underchief Mire, Blockader, Scallywag, Swabber, Vigilents, and updated the art for the void archon to allow for more of the base to show.

9. Added a cosmetic layer to Skarre3 for Mikastan.

Module version 5.4 Release

Mostly updated art and models. its been so long so im not sure if i missed anything, but im sure the new bug forum will tell me if i did. Fixed some archon health, added Boss MacHorne, Destructotron3000,Crawtooth, flugwug, orsus the unchained, wierd wended, wolf with no name, chuck dogwood, gurglepox, stygius, helga2, scythe, feora4, terrorizor, leadfoot and Tredz, and pyg tank.

The Vassal specific discord has been retired and merged into the LOS Discord server. The link is within the module.

Module version 5.3.1 Release

1. Added RQ Gencon models into the main module

2. Merged Oblivion models into the main module, updated the art where available.

3. Updated Art for the Menoth Archon, Menite Archon, Primal Archon, Morrowan Battle Priest, Clockatrice, Greylord Adjunct, Rahera, Blood Shaman, Initiates of the Wall, Lyllith 3(second layer), Trident, Abidan, Immortal Vessel, and Novititate.

4. Added the Bog Trog Trawler.

5. Added Maps 7 to 20 and updated the random map button. Thanks to JPGreat1, Andrew, and MacDaddy for their new maps.

6. Fixed Rahera's name and Brickhouse name.

Module version 5.3 Release

1) Added the infernal faction, with all accompanying artwork and damage grids to the main module.

2) Updated the Steamroller Scenarios and Objectives for Steam Roller 2019 packet

3) Adolphus shall hereafter be known by his actual name, Allejandro.

4) Added Garryth2, as he dissappeared somehow. Crazy stealthy elf.

5) Added a health grid for Haley3 and her echos.

6) Updated the Khador Bezerker/Maddog/Rager grids to be correct.

7) Added Sorscha0.

8) Updated Harbinger's command to 12"

9) Corrected the health boxes for the Haruspex, Mist Speaker, and Well.

10) Adjusted the radiai of the pieces to be a little closer to scale. However there is still a slight disparity between the range bubbles on some bases due to vassal's inability to handle fractional pixels. i.e. 50mm vs 30mm the bubbles are like 1 pixel different.

11) Removed the old incompatible maps. Added 6 maps that work with SR2019.

12) Other Misc changes that I dont remember right now.

Extensions still needed: Oblivion

NOTE: The premade map selection has been cut down due to time constraints. If you would like to submit maps for addition to the module please send them to me and i will add them in to the next version.

Warmahordes Module version 5.2.5 Release

1) Added Garryth2 with toggleable Perfect Storm Bubble (control-shift-s)

2) Added toggleable updated control area bubbles to all circle casters for the well (control-shift-s)

3) Updated the small phantasm piece to correct the 1" bubble.

4) Brigand warlord fixed to have 8 boxes by default.

5) Liberator grid labeled correctly.

6) Fixed the Vyre light grid

7) Janissa boxes fixed, duplicate piece removed and sprite added as an option.

8) Copy of the Vanguard added to CG warjack menu.

9) Added a grid for Prospero.

10) Added default hps to some of the battle engines that dont use their model counters to track other things(tokens,etc...)

11) Merged Talion charter CID pieces into the main module. (Rahera, Blockader, Swabber, Scallywag, Swashbuckler, and Powder Monkey)

12) Maeloc control/fury stat fixed to 7/14

Extensions still needed: Oblivion, Infernals, SR2019

Warmahordes Module v5.2.4 release

1) Fixed the starting boxes for the Twilight Sisters, Phantasms, Strangeways.

2) Removed broken cmd bubble on haley3.

3) Fixed Heritic’s select-box.

4) Merged in the Cornucopia CID models (Adjunct, Bane Knight Officer, Initiates of the Wall, and Clockatrice).

5) Merged in Steelhead CID models(Arcanist, Gunner, Ironhead, Mortar, Cannon, and Volley Gun and crew).

6) Merged in Grymkin CID models(Grave Ghoul, Tonguelick, Piggyback officer, war horse, and the malady man.

7) Added new card art for Dominar Morghoul’s Escort, Iona, Haruspex, Brighid, Caul, Suppression Tanker, Strike Tanker, and Sofya.

8) Added J.A.I.M.s

9) Added the 2 new maps that were submitted.

Warmahordes Module v5.2.3 release

1. Added the dawnguard trident into the main module. CID artwork is still used as there is no card art.

2. Added in frustrum locus into the main module. CID artwork is still used as there is no card art.

3. Added in Extoler CID models. CID artwork is still used as there is no card art.

4. High Paladin Vilmon now defaults to the correct 8 boxes.

5. Legion’s Ice Witches now default to the correct 1 box.

6. Fixed Ice witch boxes.

7. Removed the duplicate legion color from the small base template and reordered the large and huge base colors to match the small and medium order.

8. Card artwork was added to the Aradis Sentinel and Soldier as a secondary sprite.

9. A new “Random Map” button has been added that will pick a random number corresponding to one of the premade maps.

10. Moved some old terrain into the new library for use.

11. Added 5 new maps without the central LOS blocker, as not all TO’s have all tables with it.

CID extensions still needed for cornucopia and steelheads

Warmahordes Module v5.2.2 release

1. Corrected Jussika’s model text.

2. Corrected MOW Chariot Grids and set the sprites to have default 28

3. Fixed Artificers boxes from 8 to 5.

4. Added Hand of Silence card art.

5. Added secondary sprite artwork for Crabbits.

6. Added all new Circle Models.

7. Updated Morv1 Grid

8. Updated Riphorn Grid

9. Fixed Valkyries HPS and bear handler hps.

10. Fixed the blockhouse grid name.

11. Added Deneghra0

12. Added Underchief Mire

Warmahordes Module v5.2.1 release

1. Added Caine0, Sevy0, and the Supreme Guardian sprites.

2. Added Hitch, the Trench Dog, and a new sprite for trencher longgunners.

3. Fixed the missing grid for the Vulcan

4. Updated the damage boxes for Cinnerators, Bastions, Tharn Bloodpack, Ravagers, Ravager Shaman, Bears, Champions, Wardens, Shard Pirate officer, and other medium based infantry that lost boxes in the mk2 to mk3 chang over.

5. Added an Arcana button.

6. Fixed Wurmwood and Cassius to reflect their Mk3 changes.

7. Updated the link in the Help menu to point to the new Warmachine and Hordes Vassal community server. This new server was created as the moderators and owner of the old server were MIA.

Warmahordes Module v5.2 release

1. Updated all black and white CID images to card art images. Please let me know if i missed any.

2. Fixed the Khador Rager chassis grids to have the right boxes.

3. Updated the battle engine models and grids to have the updated number of boxes. For those models with above 36 boxes, no grid is currently available.

4. Merged in Exemplar CID Models (Hand of Silence is missing art, and Hollow Holden as the card isnt online yet)

5. Merged in Crucible Guard and corrected the liberator grid.

6. Added new 2D Terrain.

7. Added 15 premade maps.

8. Added Journeyman league scenarios and objectives.

Warmahordes Module v5.1 release


1. Removed all legacy maps that will not work with SR2018

2. Removed SR2017 and Added SR2018 Scenarios

3. Merged in the Man O War CID models.

4. Updated some models and artwork that were missing.

5. Changed the Hill Graphics to be more clearly Hills in the new terrain set.

Warmahordes Module v5.0 release

Change notes from v4.6.2

1) Merged all prior CID extensions into the main module, up to and including Primal Terrors. (Crucible Guard, Man-o-War, and SR2018 are still seperate extensions)

2) Reworked the sprite archetecture to allow the player to change the base color of each model. This can be done with shift ] and shift [

3) Added multiple missing game pieces, including but not limited to Craelyx, Elais Gade, Dire Troll Brawler, Agata, Lt Gwen Keller.

4) Removed prior steamroller versions and out of date menus.

5) Removed the old, illegal maps.

6) Added a set of 11 current "legal" maps.

7) Updated the scoreboard to have a better turn counter. it now cycles from Top of 1, bottom of 1, Top of 2, etc...

8) Corrected the unit chevron marker to work with the new sprite archetecture.

9) Added additional graphics to the objectives to graphically differentiate between the 3 types. These can be cycled with ] and [

10) Fixed the objective markers so that you can once again add Control E and Control ; labels.

11) Updated the terrain system

a) Added new library of 2D terrain to more accurately reflect boundaries and actual tournament pieces
b) Restructured the terrain menus.(old terrain is still there)
c) Added Corrosion and Continuous fire markers for Burning and Acid terrain.
d) Updated the Terrain placement grid to show where terrain is not allowed.

13) Added Lightning AOE templates.

14) Added Artwork for all current game pieces that did not have sprites, so there should no longer be any blank bases.

Please send any bugs, comments, new sprites, or maps to



Old Extensions CID Steelheads:

CID Cornucopia:

CID Grymkin 2:

Getting Started Guide to the Warmachine and Hordes Module for vassal (This is probably very outdated and in need of an update)

Updated by PG_Corwin and Malnorma

Old version 4.5.6 :'

Old Version 4.3!

Module Information

Maintainer Shisenshi
Contributors Hobo, PG_Corwin,Shisenshi,Malnorma

The Warmachine/Hordes vassal project is an ongoing creative venture. Multiple people have put in alot of effort and uncountable hours to make this module a reality for all of us. As time goes on, the hands on the wheel may change, but never forget those who have gone before. Thanks to everyone who has chipped in to make this module available to us all. -Shisenshi (the latest sucker to try driving the beast)


Ok all, I have gone through the current model library and here is a list of what is missing(as far as i can tell, if the entire game piece is missing, i may have missed it, as i am not omniscient)

If you have any of the models listed below painted please send a top down closeup picture to Shisensi & Dev team. Keep in mind, that the scale of the models is very small. 30mm base = 35x35 pixels 40mm base = 48x48 pixels 50mm base = 60x60 pixels

So if you have a very detailed pic, scaling it down turns it very grainy. If you are good with pixel art, that's definitely the way to go.


  • Both=Needs art and/or a sprite
  • Sprite = Needs a sprite, has art(which may be crappy black and white, but at least its something)
  • Not listed = has a sprite, may or may not have art as well.

Agathia (Sprite) Aikos2 (Sprite) Mortenebra2 (Sprite) Skarre3(Sprite)


Agrimony(sprite) Hellslinger(Sprite) Blood Priestes(Sprite) Misery Cage(sprite) Axiara(sprite) Severa(Sprite)

Carrion Thralls(sprite)

Blighted Trollkin Marauders(sprite) Jussika(sprite) Smog Belchers(sprite) Iron Mongers(sprite) Scharde Pirates(sprite) Dirge Seers(sprite)

Caine3(sprite) Ryan2(sprite) Watts2(sprite) Haley3(sprite) Past(sprite) Future(sprite) Siege2(sprite) Rocket Turret(sprite)


Falk(sprite) Trench Buster(sprite) Trencher Warcaster Lieutenant(sprite)

Trencher Longgunners(sprite) Longgunner Officer(Sprite) Trencher Express Team(sprites) Trencher Mechanic(sprite)

Stormsmith Grenadiers(sprites) Commando Officer(sprite)


Kozlov(sprite) Malakov(sprite) Zevanna(sprite) Strakov2(sprite) Kommando(sprite) Sorsha3(sprite)

Mad Dog(sprite) Rager(sprite) Victor(sprite)

Sofya(sprite) Forge Seer(sprite) WG Artilery Kaptain(sprite) Suppression Tanker(sprite) Strike Tanker(Sprite)

Bombadier Officer(sprite) Sgt Dragos(sprite) Atanis and Standard(Sprite)

Siege Chariot(sprite) Assault Chariot(sprite)

Durant2(sprite) Feora3(sprite) Malekus(sprite)

eye of truth(sprite) Indictor(sprite) Revalator(sprite)

Deliverer Arms Master(sprite) Champion of the Order of the Wall(sprite) Elias Gade(sprite)

Elara2(sprite) Ghyrrshyd(sprite)

Hemera(sprite) Helios(sprite)

Aelyth Vyr(sprite) Fane Knight Guardian(sprite) Priest of Nyssor(sprite)

House Ellowyr Swordsmen(sprite) House Shyeel Arcanists(sprite) Ryssovass Defenders(sprite) Spears of Scyrah(sprite)

Crosse2(sprite) Caine3(sprite) Ryan2(sprite) Watts2(sprite) Cyphon(sprite)

Colbie Sterling(sprite) Eilish(sprite) Gibbs(sprite) Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye(sprite) River Raiders(sprite)

Siege Crawler(sprite)


Prime Conflux(sprite) Servitors(sprite)

All crucible guard sprites CGInfantry grunt done.

Kaya3(sprite) Tanith(sprite)

Brennos(sprite) Storm Raptor(sprite)

Night witch(sprite) Wolfrider Champ(sprite)

Druid Mistriders(sprite)


Azrael(sprite) Blight Wasps(sprite) Golab(sprite)

Ammok(sprite) Blighted Nyss Warlord(sprite) Fyana the lash(sprite) Grotesque assassin(sprite)

Ice witches(sprite) Grotesque Banshee(sprite) Chosen(sprite) rottwings(sprite)

strider blighblades(sprite) Gorag rotteneye(sprite)

Jalaam(sprite) Morghoul3(sprite) escorts(sprite) Zaadesh2(sprite)

Chiron(sprite) Scarab Pack(sprite)

Zaadesh1(sprite) Venator Dakar(sprite)

Praetorian Keltarii(sprite)

Horgle2(sprite) Kolgrimma(sprite) Madrack3(sprite)

Sea King(sprite) Ice Troll(sprite) Brawler(sprite)

Valka(sprite) Pummeller weapon(sprite) Pummeller crew(sprite) Bushwacker officer(sprite) Bushwacker mortar(sprite) pyg lookouts(sprite) Bear Handlers-Leader(sprite)

Hootch hawler(sprite)

All Grimkin need sprites except for Dreamer Skin and Moans(better art)

Gremlin Swarm (sprite)

BLOB(sprite) Bone Shaker(sprite)

Battle Boar(sprite) Dracodile(sprite) Splatter Board(sprite)

Mistspeaker(sprite) GremlinSwarm(sprite) Hutchuck(both) Kwaalak gubsplatter mac froggyface and Gubbernaut von sublime(sprite) Eilish(sprite) Chef(sprite) Soul Slave(sprite) Long Chops(sprite) Husk(sprite) Void Leech(sprite) Bone Shrine(sprite)

Boil Master(sprite) Spirite Cauldren(Sprite) Croak Trappers(sprite) Valkyries(sprite) Farrow Commandos(sprite)

Privateer Press game Warmachine and Hordes module.

©2001-2018 Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Privateer Press, WARMACHINE®, Cryx, Cygnar, Khador, Protectorate of Menoth, Retribution of Scyrah, HORDES, Circle Orboros, Legion of Everblight, Skorne, Trollbloods, Convergence of Cyriss, Grymkin and their logos and slogans; warjack, warbeast, and warcaster are trademark property of Privateer Press. Used with Permission. Art assets by Ben Boyd, programming by Jeffery Brady and Ben Boyd.

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