Module:Western Front Ace: The Great Air War 1916-1918

From Vassal
Publisher Compass Games Era WWI
Year 2023 Topic Aviation/Flight
Players 1 to 1 Scale Tactical
Length 120-180 Min

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
WestFrontAce1b.vmod Module 195.11 MB 09-30-23 3.6.15 D.Deitch
Alternative Module v1.3
Western Front Ace 1_3.vmod Module 93.47 MB 2023-12-18 3.7.5 Greg Amos

Change Log

v0.1b - 2020-11-29

  • Not a fix - Help - Must ctrl Shift right click to remove aircraft mats.
  • Fix added counters Epiphany, Gallantry, and High Octane added to Good Luck Charms
  • Albatross D.III Aircraft mat fixed
  • Alphabetized the markers

v0.1a - 2020-11-21

  • Fixed The Aircraft selection now has a way to scroll through the aircraft but easier to select from counters display for the Aircraft mats.
  • Fixed Pilot Selection Control Shift then select your pilot.
  • Still broke selecting the Italian front. Only way I can see to add that is by redoing the whole module at this time.
  • Fixed Selection of Pilot Rank. Drag the rank over then can select the select the next rank.
  • The counters for the aircraft mats will need to come from the counter tray there is no way to match the matts all up for auto work.

    • Alternative module 1.3 offers a different implementation of this great game! There is a "How to Use the VASSAL module" video in the help menu.


Western Front Ace is a solitaire, tactical air war game covering air operations in the Western and Italian fronts during WWI. Players control an aircraft from one of seven different nations represented, with options to upgrade to better aircraft as the war progresses.

You will manage individual aircraft, weapons systems, specific crew members, and ammunition over missions representing 3-4 days per turn

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