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Western Legends about screen 200h.png
Publisher Kolossal Games Era American West
Year 2018 Topic Adventure
Players 2 to 6 Scale Tactical
Length 120


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
western_legends_1_0_8.vmod module 96.12 MB 2021-02-18 3.4.11
western_legends_1_0_7.vmod module 96.12 MB 2021-01-21 3.4.11
western_legends_1_0_6.vmod module 96.01 MB 2020-12-26 3.4.11

Module Information

Maintainer Dan Pronovost


Hello All! I have created a Vassal module for Western Legends, a great sandbox board game that models the epic Wild West, from Kolossal Games. They have generously granted permissions to publish the Vassal version online.

The module is a complete implementation of the base game (minus Men in Black variant). Everything one needs to play is included and modeled. Full rules are included as well, so anyone can start playing immediately. Supports up to six players.

There is online help on how to use the game module to play Western Legends, although generally it should be fairly obvious. Right click on things, drag and drop to your private player card and public card.

Enjoy! If you play and are looking for players, email me!

Change History

Version 1.08, 2021-02-15:

• Added '# of poker cards' field to the public player card, so you don't have to ask other players for this information. • Allow goal cards to be played into the private player poker card area for viewing. • Added player turn indicator to the top of the main board (to track whose turn it is). Right click the colored turn markers to change the player positions and colors (there is a blank one to remove a player turn completely).

Version 1.07, 2021-01-21:

• Allow gold tokens to be placed on the game board (there is a story card that requires this). • Allow poker cards to be placed on the main board (since there is not a lot of room to place cards for fights and playing poker). • Added a poker card 'randomizer' to the far right main board. And, there is a 'Randomizer' right click menu item on poker cards. Use this to move cards from your private hand to the randomizer deck. You this to allow players to randomly select cards to view from your private hand (such as with an upgraded shotgun). You can select all your cards at once with the mouse,and then right click to move them to the randomizer deck. Then, other players can drag cards to their private viewing area, examine them,and move them back to the randomizer. Then, the card owner can move them back to their hand.

Version 1.06, 2020-12-04:

• Added ability to drag Legendary Tokens (from completing goals) to the private player card, so you can sort them, pick one, flip it, then move to your card.

Version 1.05:

• Added 'Return to deck' right click menu item to store items. Needed for expendable store items. • Fixed the slight vertical overlap problem with rows of poker cards in the player hands. • Fixed a bug where the story cards could get flipped inside the story deck (caused by dragging a story card from the deck slightly, but not out of the deck). • Replaced scanned rule book with PDF from Kolossal Games web site (smaller file size). • Lots of rule clarification updates and additions.

Version 1.04:

• Added the remaining four player colors.

Version 1.03:

• Placement of Sheriff and Bandits by default at start of game. • Copyright and publishers notices throughout.

Version 1.01:

• Base initial version.

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  • Dan Pronovost