Module:Where There is Discord

From Vassal
Publisher Fifth Column Games Era Modern Warfare
Year 2009 Topic Falklands War
Players 1 to 1 Scale Operational
Length 180 minutes


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
wtid-1.2.vmod module 10.66 MB 2013-04-25 3.2.4
wtid-1.1.1.vmod module 10.67 MB 2012-09-18 3.20.beta2

Module Information

Maintainer Conor Hickey


Module does not contain Events Booklet or charts, you will need copies of these to play.

Version 1.2:

  • Red/White Dice Window fixed.
  • Sending the appropriate Weather counter to the Weather Box (via right-click) now sends the appropriate Sortie, Harrier Recovery, and Detection markers to the correct boxes. Return the Weather marker at the end of the day to also return the other markers.
  • The International Opinion marker can now be moved with a right-click menu, and doing so automatically removes or replaces the various markers it affects. The markers can still be moved manually but will then not automate.
  • Toolbar command added to open a 'Random Draw' window if you have more than 6 ships in a Zone, one has been targeted and there is no easy die roll to enable you to pick one of them.
  • SAS unit can be sent to each airfield via a right-click menu as well as moved manually.
  • Remaining phases (primarily San Carlos ones) added to phase list.

Version 1.1.1:

  • HMS Valiant and HMS Onyx can now be rotated like the other subs.
  • Fixed Argentine Ground Forces not rotating when on their Out of Supply side.
  • Added four troop ships to the reverse side of four ships already in the game, as per errata:
  • St Edmund - Sir Tristram
  • Norland - Sir Galahad
  • Nordic Ferry - Sir Lancelot
  • Baltic Ferry - Sir Percivale

Thanks to Moshe Ben-Sira for pointing these out. This update edited in Vassal 3.20.beta2 so you will need that to use.

Version 1.1:

  • Added Destroyed/Removed Vessels Window.
  • Changed the dice in the D12 Roll to a red and white dice as needed for San Carlos/Task Force Targeting once the invasion has begun.
  • Stack seperation increased slightly to make counting of British ships easier on main map.
  • More typos fixed and Phase List for Argentine Ground Placement changed to 'on and after May 21'

Screen Shots