Module:Wolfpack: Submarine Warfare in the North Atlantic 1942-44

From Vassal
Publisher Simulations Publications, Inc. Era WWII
Year 1974 Topic Naval
Players 1 to 1 Scale Operational
Length 180 minutes


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WolfPack_1.0.vmod module 8.85 MB 2021-02-22 3.5

Module Information

Maintainer R. Dionne
Contributors R. Dionne


Wolfpack is an historical simulation of the decisive North Atlantic conflict of World War II in which the German U-Boat "packs" preyed on Allied merchant convoys and almost succeeded in severing Britain's vital sea communications with North America, "democracy's arsenal" (from the original game description).

Game rules are included in the module help files.

Thanks to "mudcake" for his excellent improved game map upload over at BGG. BoardGameGeek Link

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