Module:World At War 85: Storming the Gap

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WaW85STG Cover.jpg
Publisher Lock N Load Publishing Era Modern Warfare
Year 2019 Topic Western Front
Players 1 to 2 Scale Tactical
Length Medium

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
LnLP_WaW85_Storming_The_Gap_v1.31.vmod Module 74.54 MB 2020-12-15 Vassal 3.4.9
LnLP_WaW85_Defense_of_Frankfurt_v1.31.vmdx Extension 82.92 MB 2020-12-15 Vassal 3.4.9
LnLP_WaW85_Storm_and_Steel_v1.31.vmdx Extension 38.71 MB 2020-12-15 Vassal 3.4.9
LnLP_WaW85_The_Drive_on_Giessen_v1.31.vmdx Extension 6.16 MB 2020-12-15 Vassal 3.4.9

Module Information

Maintainer Trent Garner
Contributors Mike Seely


Fight the opening battles of World War III, from desperate delaying actions by US Armored Cavalry and West German Panzergrenadier forces to determined counterattacks by local ad-hoc armored forces against the might of the Soviet hordes. Strike fast with Soviet Air Assault troops in heliborne ops, securing roadways to allow the massed armor columns of the PACT to sweep westward into Germany. The devastating armed forces of West Germany, the United States, East Germany, and the Soviet Union are at your disposal in your quest to reshape the world and history.

The weight of the tactical decisions rests solely on your shoulders. Can NATO slow the Soviet advance with the armor and infantry they can bring to bear? Or skillfully use Close Air Support and Attack Helicopter units to swing the tide of battle in your favor? Can the PACT slice through into Germany and cross the Rhine river, gateway to the conquest of all of Europe?

Version 1.31

Added missing Soviet Tunguska counter to Defense of Frankfurt

Now compatible with Vassal v3.4.9

Version 1.3

Updated WaW85 modules, with many corrections and additions, including several suggested by the wargaming community:

LOS tool now dims unit counters and markers, rather than making them invisible

Added 'Attack' tool that works similar to the LOS tool, indicating which unit is attacking, including 'From' and 'To' hexes

Removed visible hex numbering, since the maps have the hex numbers in the artwork; hex numbering still reported

Changed FFE marker from sticky to regular marker; FFE marker can now be placed on top of stack

Added additional zoom factors to make viewing multi-map configurations possible

Added right-click option to 'Add HQ' to all transport and amphibious transport units; also added to WGER Munga 106MM RR units

Added right-click option for placing Missile markers on relevant units; cycles through Reloading, Low Ammo, Out of Ammo

Added right-click option to Recon units to 'Spot Concealed' units at a distance of 5 hexes

Added right-click option to Helo units for 'Nap of the Earth' and 'Landed' markers

Added right-click option to all vehicle units to 'Place Wrecks' marker at bottom of stack

Added a '6-dice' button to the toolbar

Added the Notes window to the toolbar

Version 1.2

Added missing attached (White Stripe) units from Defense of Frankfurt

Version 1.1

World at War 85: Storming the Gap core module

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