Module:Yardmaster Express

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Publisher Crash Games Era Modern
Year 2014 Topic Transportation
Players 1 to 5 Scale Abstract
Length Short Series Pub Series


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Yardmaster_Express_0.5.vmod Module 727 KB 2014-07-16 3.2.12
YmEx_Rulebook.pdf Documentation 446 KB 2014-07-16

Module Information

Maintainer bugggg
Contributors DShortDesign


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  • Ability to play SOLO or with 2-5 players -- just right click and add the purple cards to the draw deck for more than 2p
  • 4 Caboose cards included for additional scoring opportunities
  • Hotkeys (eg ctrl-2 to send cards to player 2 and ctrl-f to flip cards)
  • Playtested by David Short, the designer of Yardmaster Express!
  • Help menu with setup and endgame instructions
  • Counter for number of cards remaining in the draw deck
  • Anti-cheat reporting

NOTE: After joining a room, wait for the first player to create a new game. Then each of the other players should right click on the top player in the player list and click Synchronize Now to start playing.

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