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Yggdrasil cover.png
Publisher Ludonaute Era Fantasy
Year 2011 Topic Mythology
Players 1 to 8 Scale Abstract
Length 75 minutes

Files and Module Information

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility Developer Other Contributors
Yggdrasil_050.vmod module 15.62 MB 2013-03-09 3.2.2 Sargonas
Yggdrasil_041.vmod module 9.76 MB 2012-01-23 3.1.18 Sargonas
Yggdrasil_040.vmod module 9.46 MB 2012-01-09 3.1.18 Sargonas
Yggdrasil_031.vmod module 12.02 MB 2011-10-16 3.1.16 Sargonas
Dark Eclipse v2.0
Thundercats_2.vmod module 12.36 MB 2016-09-05 3.2.16 LordRaidor
Dark Eclipse
Thundercats.vmod module 9.65 MB 2012-02-10 3.1.18 LordRaidor


Yggdrasil is a co-operative game in which players are different Gods of the Norse mythology : Odin, Thor, Tyr, Frey, Heimdall and Frejya. Monsters, the wolf Fenrir, the huge serpent Jormungand, the Fire Giant Surt, the Godess of the Dead Hel, the traitor Loki and the cosmic dragon Nidhogg are moving forward in Asgard inescapably and announce the impending coming of chaos and destruction on the world tree Yggdrasil.

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Module posted with approval from Ludonaute

Version History

0.5.0 - Asgard Expansion (including New Gods, Hel's update power, and Trancing), Deck exclusivity, drawing specific items from bags, updated Text on Frost Giants, world closings, and weapons

0.4.1 - Added Vidar, an option for Player 8

0.4.0 - Cleaner board ( Thanks Haggis ), howto rules correction, changed enemy token keystroke to match others

0.3.1 - Initial Vassal release

Creative Derivative - Thundercats: Dark Eclipse

Thundercats: Dark Eclipse is a creative derivative of Yggdrasil, rethemed into the setting of the classic 1980's "Thundercats" animated TV series. Gameplay is identical to Yggdrasil - this is a visual/thematic reskin only. This module was uploaded with the permission of both Cédric Lefebvre (Ludonaute) and Sargonas.

Thundercats v2.0: Incorporates the 'Asgard' expansion, rethemed into elements of the "Thundercats" and "Silverhawks" animated TV shows.

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