Module:Z-G Resurgence

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Publisher Unknown Era Future
Year 2012 Topic Science Fiction
Players 2 to 6 Scale Tactical
Length 20-60 minutes+


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ZGR_0_96.vmod Module 14.92 MB 2012-08-04 3.1.19
Help Files
Z-G_Rules.pdf instructions 142 KB 2012-07-29 3.1.19
Z-G_Advanced_Rules.pdf instructions 37 KB 2012-07-29 3.1.19
Z-G_Errata_FAQ.pdf errata 70 KB 2012-07-29 3.1.19

Module Information

Maintainer Austin E.
Contributors ACD Industries & Cedeliing Productions


Currently the game is in a BETA phase of sorts as we work out some optional game mechanics. However please do feel free to play and leave feedback!

Z-G Resurgence, also known as ZGR, is a re-envisioning of the game Z-G developed by ATOMOTON back in 2001. Z-G is a game that uses posable action figures in an arena battle where conflict resolution is achieved by spinning collectable cards and comparing matches on the cards top and bottem edges. This re-envisioning, for use with Vassal and soon as 'print n' play', is a top down hex-based game that stays true to it's action roots! You'll find original game art, customizable terrain, and numerous Glyphs to represent each combatant on the battle field.

We hope you enjoy playing the new Z-G Resurgence as much as we have enjoyed developing it!

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