From Vassal
Publisher Unpublished Era Ancient
Year 2014 Topic Wargame
Players 2 to 2 Scale Operational
Length medium


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
zama_1.0.vmod module 15.2 MB 2014 3.2.13

Module Information

Maintainer Quinn Brander
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This is not a self contained module. To play it you still need an orders pad to notate your moves.

If you are playing the game in the same room as the other player, you can print off the orders pad and write and share your orders on a physical piece of paper (recommended).

If you are playing over a distance through the internet, write down your orders on an orders pad in Microsoft Word or Open Office, and when you have finished your movement orders and are satisfied with them, send a pdf of your orders pad to your opponent through facebook. Your opponent should not look at your message until the orders have been fully carried out (you can ensure that they haven’t because facebook tells users whether their messages have been opened).

Alternatively, if you are playing with a trustworthy opponent, both players can write down their moves on a physical orders pad and promise to carry them out faithfully in the Execution Phase.


The terrain tiles can only be selected by holding down 'shift' while clicking them. The bordered tiles are flipped with control or command- f.

The legions can be hidden by using the ‘mask’ function in Vassal (control or command- m). Both players should ‘mask’ all of their legions and mix them up before carrying out their initial deployment orders on the board.

The combat units are found in the ‘pieces’ section of Vassal. All of the combat units can be ‘masked’ as well as ‘flipped’ (control of command- f), with the exception of the commander’s tents, which can only be masked. Combat units should be masked during the choosing of legion formations and unmasked for the battle resolution. Combat units should be flipped to indicate their exhaustion in the resolution phase.

Doubleclick a stack of tokens on the gameboard to move specific units. You can see what units are in a stack by hovering your mouse over the stack for 2 seconds.

Enjoy! Quinn Brander

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