Module talk:Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures: War at Sea

From Vassal

WaSClassV3.vmod help Class mod expands the number of ships available to the players recognizing that ships are generally not built as” one ofs” , rather to be cost effective in production , they are built as a series or “Class”.

For example; The card representing the USS Fletcher represents one of the “Fletcher” CLASS of USA destroyers of which 175 were built, all of which were almost identical in specs and for game purposes can be assumed as such so that One Fletcher data card works for 175 Fletcher class ships. Although the marker unit on the board for ships of that class have their actual names , they will use the data card (game card) for the class.

This module, includes all ships of the same class of any game card of light cruisers and up and a fair representative sample of smaller sized ships destroyers, subs, planes to allow larger battles with a distinctive number or name for every unit in the battle.

Planes are marked as unit A.B,C etc for ease of recognition purposes.

For history purists . . . The Italian ship Bulzano has not been considered as it’s own class (decrease it’s sister ships secondary fire power to 4,4,2 if you feel strongly on this issue).

Also Added more tabs for unit control.