Module talk:Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game

From Vassal

Where are the conflicted loyalties or final five loyalty cards for the new 4.2 module extension? Mutineer title is also gone.

It's in the Loyalty window, expand your window.

Version 4.4.8 doesn't display game board

Hey, new to all of this and having a problem (in title). Version 2.0 works fine however when I open 4.4.8 i don't get a game board. Can anyone help me with this?

Have you tried making new game or moving the horizontal window separator up? You can stick with 2.0 if all else fails. Not much difference really.

The new game option was not available and i did try moving all window separators i could. I did manage to get it working by having a friend join my room then I sync to him. Launcher seems to open fine now both through saves and new games. Thanks for the help!

What are the changes made in 4.5?

Please list the modifications under Comments.