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Known Bugs v1.7.2

- Some "Mall of the Dead - Expansion" shops & rooms are VERY BASIC design (simple grid & text) - but you'll be able to play with them all. Waiting for an artist to help finish off the designs!

- Zombie spawns at random spawn points around the board. Spawn button removed until further notice.

- Card placement for KEYS and DAWN BREAKS are completely random.

- "End Turn" will only clear the movement tracking on a single map (you have to click End Turn on every map if you want to clear it completely)

- All items in catalog need to be rearranged by type (vice alphabetical)

- Guns when returned to the catalog will show their previous ammo amount without resetting.

Development Log

Future Development

- Add new scenarios One included. Will require more...

- Add more act III cards (to support mall version)

- Create universal Movement Tracking reset button

Version 1.7.2 Updates

- Added a few Act III cards specific to the Mall expansion

- Tweaked zoom levels to be more friendly

- Added Mall of the Dead - Expansion game board! (Using it is optional)

- Added a new setup window with the entire selection of Mall of the Dead rooms & shops

- Returning items to catalog now reports properly

- Added a randomized two-handed item pile

- New Mall of the Dead items implemented into an expanded catalog

- Act cards are now uniform in size

- Introduced token movement tracking (making it easier to spot zombies that didn't move).

- Added a button to remove the tracking - "End Turn"

- Players can now be moved around the board via the NUMPAD keys (vertically, horizontally and diagonally)

- Added fifth scenario (Saving Shaun from the Dead)

- Added the first Mall scenario

- Added an ammo count function for all guns, and fuel label for the chainsaw

- Added POWER button to show power to ALL powered items

- Added a gas gauge on gas requiring items

- Splash page now shows the zombie holding a shopping bag with the Mall of Dead symbol

- Brought barricades up to the player level (so they weren't lost in the sea of items)

- Multiple levels added (Ground level, 2, 3, 4 and Helipad)

Version 1.6.2 Fixes (Released - 01 Oct 2011)

- Added reshuffle option to Act 2 Deck

- Placed "KEYS FOUND" and "DAWN BREAKS" at top of deck until reshuffled to allow quick access for removal (required in certain scenarios)

- Added the proper images for the 6x1 hallways

- Added sub-menu for setup & scenarios to clean up GUI

- Unmasked the 6x1 & 3x1 hallways for easier selection

- Re-sized splash screen to fit screens better

- Re-sized Scenario 4 image to be consistent with others

- All player inventories are accessible by all players (to allow quick swapping & stealing)

- Cleaned up movement reporting

- Vehicles no longer snap to grid

- Mouse over zoom factor reduced for all boards

- Removed mouse over zoom for hidden Act 2 top card

- Layers fixed for cellar and upper floors

- "Easy ZOMBIES" spawn button removed until further notice.