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From Vassal

Completed "Undo" on merging of "Epic Card Game" with this module. They are two completely different games and the merge should not have taken place.

All modules follow BGG Title - Do not undo Admin edits - if you have issues with them being different say so and we will address them - Admin

I have issues... Sent an email explaining them via wiki system. I won't undo further, but it is incorrect. Next steps? -AC

I see the changes made... That's fine for my part, but... Now the poor guy who made a superhero-style game by the same name: Is his game just gone or has it been moved? -AC

It is a very old entry and has been moved to the title "Epic (Unpublished)". If they have issues they will contact us. You should have the Epic page - it follows our guidelines - All titles must match their BGG entry - Admin

Got it. Thank you for the help, the clarification, and the patience (first time uploading a module...) Just wanted to make sure I hadn't ruined some other poor guy's work. ... and at first it just looked a little "Hinky" because it looked like it got merged into a different module page... which was then deleted. -AC