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Question: I have a rather stupid question that affects playability a lot that I can't find an answer on the internet: How to rotate the board when you play 'the top side'?!?

Answer: it is not possible. It is one of the limitation of VASSAL 3 that boards can't be viewed from different viewpoints for different players. The Axis player always has to play 'up-side-down'.

Question: Now I have a rather stupid question. I've downloaded the newest module and the Western Front scenarios but I'm not making the connection on how to load scenarios once the module is launched. Sorry if I'm doing this wrong but I'm unsure of where to go on this. Thanks. Dave posts...

Answer: Do not use the VASSAL wizard. Scenarios do not show up there. If the wizard opens close it. Then go to the File menu and select Choose Scenario...

Question: I have created a scenario that wasn't in any of the module extensions. How do I make it playable by two sides via email; currently either side can log out and back in as the other side and see each others cards? With the already included scenarios this is impossible.

Answer: Don't use the same VASSAL password for both players.

Question: How do I replace the current deck in a campaign with a different one? For example, if I'd like to use the Breakthrough deck on a normal-sized map?

Answer: This feature was called "Variant Decks". When creating the v10.9 update these decks created a lot of trouble when updating the scenario database, and it was chosen to remove this feature instead (see Release Notes for v10.9 below). It is not currently planned to re-add this feature. It is not supported with modules v10.9 and newer to use an alternate deck, but you could use the old v10.8r6 module, which you can find below.

Question: I've created a custom scenario and as I was saving it to be used later, I realized that I hadn't added a sideboard with a command deck to the initial board. Is there a way to re-run the board maker to add my missing sideboard, or will I need to make another new scenario and manually copy everything over?

Answer: You will have to re-run the board maker and copy everything over. This is a limitation of VASSAL and the module cannot do anything about this.



Previous Versions (Obsolete)

Old version 10.14.2.

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
v10.14.2 --- all game components --- Base game scenarios
Memoir44vX-10.14.2.vmod Module 119.39 MB 2021-10-11 3.4.11+
v10.14 --- Official scenarios
M44vX-ScenariosOfficial-10.14.vmdx Extension 64.68 MB 2020-10-10 3.4.5+
v10.14 --- SFTF scenarios
M44vX-ScenariosFromTheFront-10.14.vmdx Extension 122.84 MB 2020-10-10 3.4.5+

Old version 10.14.

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
v10.14 --- all game components --- Base game scenarios
Memoir44vX-10.14.vmod Module 119.38 MB 2020-10-10 3.4.5+

Old version 10.13.1.

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
v10.13.1 --- all game components --- Base game scenarios
Memoir44vX-10.13.1.vmod Module 109.7 MB 2018-06-18 3.2.17+
v10.13.0 --- Official scenarios
M44vX-ScenariosOfficial-10.13.0.vmdx Extension 42.53 MB 2018-06-11 3.2.17+
v10.13.0 --- SFTF scenarios
M44vX-ScenariosFromTheFront-10.13.0.vmdx Extension 104.74 MB 2018-06-11 3.2.17+

Old version 10.12.

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
v10.12 --- all content --- 16 scenarios
Memoir44vX-10.12.vmod Module 100.02 MB 2017-03-02 3.2.17+
v32 --- Official scenarios and SFTF --- 793 scenarios
M44vX-Scenarios-v32.vmdx Extension 135.77 MB 2017-03-02 3.2.17+
v5 --- Units from Nations with alternate alliances, for scenario creators only, not required to play
M44vX-ReverseUnits.vmdx Extension 4 KB 2014-07-04 3.2.13+

Old version 10.11.

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
v10.11 --- all content --- 16 scenarios
Memoir44vX-10.11.vmod Module 97.31 MB 2015-08-15 3.2.15+
v31 --- Official scenarios and SFTF --- 685 scenarios
M44vX-Scenarios-v31.vmdx Extension 53.11 MB 2016-04-17 3.2.16+
v5 --- Units from Nations with alternate alliances, for scenario creators only, not required to play
M44vX-ReverseUnits.vmdx Extension 4 KB 2014-07-04 3.2.13+

Old version 10.10.

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
v10.10 --- all content --- 16 scenarios
Memoir44vX-10.10.vmod Module 89.15 MB 2014-11-01 3.2.13+
v28 --- Western, Eastern, Pacific, Mediterranean --- 613 scenarios
M44vX-Scenarios-v28.vmdx Extension 48.97 MB 2014-11-01 3.2.13+
v5 --- Units from Nations with alternate alliances, for scenario creators only, not required to play
M44vX-ReverseUnits.vmdx Extension 4 KB 2014-07-04 3.2.13+

Old version 10.9.

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
v10.9 --- all content --- 16 scenarios
Memoir44vX-10.9.vmod Module 89.19 MB 2014-07-04 3.2.12+
v26 --- 243 scenarios
M44vX-WesternFront.vmdx Extension 19.64 MB 2014-07-04 3.2.12+
v21 --- 110 scenarios
M44vX-EasternFront.vmdx Extension 8.61 MB 2014-07-04 3.2.12+
v19 --- 100 scenarios
M44vX-PacificTheater.vmdx Extension 8.74 MB 2014-07-04 3.2.12+
v20 --- 138 scenarios
M44vX-MediterraneanTheater.vmdx Extension 11.53 MB 2014-07-04 3.2.12+
v5 --- Units from Nations with alternate alliances, for scenario creators only, not required to play
M44vX-ReverseUnits.vmdx Extension 4 KB 2014-07-04 3.2.13+

Old version 10.8r6.

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
v10.8 (release 6) --- all content --- 16 scenarios
Memoir44vX-10.8r6.vmod Module 74.39 MB 2014-01-22 3.2.10+
v25 --- 202 scenarios
M44vX-WesternFront-v25.vmdx Extension 18.79 MB 2014-02-15 3.2.10+
v20 --- 104 scenarios
M44vX-EasternFront-v20.vmdx Extension 10.47 MB 2014-05-18 3.2.11+
v18 --- 97 scenarios
M44vX-PacificTheater-v18.vmdx Extension 10.39 MB 2014-05-18 3.2.11+
v19 --- 128 scenarios
M44vX-MediterraneanTheater-v19.vmdx Extension 13.55 MB 2014-02-16 3.2.11+
v4 --- Units from Nations with alternate alliances, for scenario creators only, not required to play
M44vX-ReverseUnits-v4.vmdx Extension 4 KB 2014-01-22 3.2.10+

Old version 10.8r5. For VASSAL 3.1.20.

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
v10.8 (release 5) --- all content, no scenarios
Memoir44vX-10.8r5.vmod Module 73.11 MB 2014-01-20 3.1.20+
v22 --- 209 scenarios
M44vX-WesternFront-v22.vmdx Extension 18.71 MB 2013-12-02 3.1.20+
v15 --- 94 scenarios
M44vX-EasternFront-v15.vmdx Extension 8.75 MB 2013-12-02 3.1.20+
v13 --- 84 scenarios
M44vX-PacificTheater-v13.vmdx Extension 8.9 MB 2013-12-02 3.1.20+
v15 --- 121 scenarios
M44vX-MediterraneanTheater-v15.vmdx Extension 12.11 MB 2013-12-02 3.1.20+
v3 --- Units from Nations with alternate alliances, for scenario creators only, not required to play
M44vX-ReverseUnits-v3.vmdx Extension 4 KB 2012-12-19 3.1.20+

Old version 10.7r2. Not fully compatible with 10.8.

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
v10.7 (release 2) --- all content, no scenarios
Memoir44vX-10.7r2.vmod Module 68.7 MB 2012-08-19 3.1.19+
v16 --- 164 scenarios
M44vX-WesternFront-v16.vmdx Extension 13.75 MB 2012-08-19 3.1.19+
v9 --- 54 scenarios
M44vX-EasternFront-v9.vmdx Extension 4.42 MB 2012-08-19 3.1.19+
v7 --- 62 scenarios
M44vX-PacificTheater-v7.vmdx Extension 5.78 MB 2012-08-19 3.1.19+
v8 --- 70 scenarios
M44vX-MediterraneanTheater-v8.vmdx Extension 6.48 MB 2012-08-19 3.1.19+

Old version 10.6. Not fully compatible with 10.7.

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
v10.6 --- all content, no scenarios
Memoir44vX-10.6.vmod Module 40.16 MB 2011-12-20 3.1.17+
v12 --- 145 scenarios
M44vX-WesternFront-v12.vmdx Extension 10.39 MB 2011-12-20 3.1.17+
v7 --- 48 scenarios
M44vX-EasternFront-v7.vmdx Extension 3.32 MB 2011-12-20 3.1.17+
v5 --- 51 scenarios
M44vX-PacificTheater-v5.vmdx Extension 3.6 MB 2011-12-20 3.1.17+
v7 --- 60 scenarios
M44vX-MediterraneanTheater-v7.vmdx Extension 4.85 MB 2011-12-20 3.1.17+
v1 --- optional: individual compendium cards
M44vX-Compendium.vmdx Extension 24.76 MB 2011-12-28 3.1.18+
v10.6 --- all content, no scenarios (Cards in Spanish)
Memoir44vX-Spanish.vmod Module Spanish Edition 41.36 MB 2012-04-06 3.1.17+

Version 10 is not backwards compatible. Old scenarios, logfiles and savegames from Module 8.2 (or 9) and before do not work in version 10. If you have any such old files that you would like to play back, you can use the old version. If you are a new player, use Module version 10 above.

Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Memoir44v8.vmod Module 6.6 MB 2011-01-24 3.1.14+
TerrainPack.vmdx Extension 1.1 MB 2011-01-24 3.1.14+
Overlord.vmdx Extension 6.8 MB 2011-01-24 3.1.14+
Breakthrough.vmdx Extension 1.16 MB 2011-01-24 3.1.14+
AirPack.vmdx Extension 3.13 MB 2011-01-24 3.1.14+
EasternFront.vmdx Extension 449 KB 2011-01-24 3.1.14+
MediterraneanTheater.vmdx Extension 562 KB 2011-01-24 3.1.14+
PacificTheater.vmdx Extension 1.47 MB 2011-01-24 3.1.14+
WesternFront.vmdx Extension 252 KB 2011-01-24 3.1.14+
Brummbar.vmdx Extension 223 KB 2010-03-18 unknown
Memoir_44_-_Extension_How_To.txt Read Me 3 KB 2011-01-16 unknown
1.0 German Version Module 10.43 MB unknown unknown

Module Information

10.12: What is New?

  • New scenarios added
  • Added No Surrender! scenarios (incl. OverThrough)
  • Added new multi-map boards for No Surrender!
  • Added Dutch Open 2016 scenarios
  • Added VE Day scenarios
  • Scenario fixes
  • Larger scenario preview images
  • Added Operation Tempest scenarios and campaign
  • Added all components to play scenarios from the Khalkhin-Gol Battle Map expansion
  • Moved Combat Card decks from the table into a separate window
  • Added the name of each compendium card to the compendium card list
  • Added new compendium cards for Armored Car, Tankettes, Jungle Fighters, Deep Frozen Rivers (Dutch Open), Molotov Cocktails, Molotov (Dutch Open)
  • Added the new Armored Car and Tankette unit types and badges
  • Added a few terrain tiles
  • Small modifications and additions to the custom Java code (now on GitHub)
  • Added Molotov Cocktails to units and to markers

10.11: What is New?

  • KNOWN ISSUE: combat card decks may not return to draw deck on reshuffle correctly
  • Added a figure hit counter to each scenario setup
  • Added HTML rendered scenario viewer
  • Added button to scenario chooser to browse to the DoW scenario page
  • Added Compendium cards for Troops 27*, 28, Terrain 68, Actions 29, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35.
  • Added terrain tiles
  • Scenario fixes, scenario updates, more scenarios and more campaigns (Dutch Open 2015 and Burma 1942)
  • Added the Dutch Open weather chart
  • Added Campaign Book vol. 1 and Campaign Book vol. 2 reference charts

10.10: What is New?

  • Changed how dice are rolled to fix the multiple die roll problems on multi-map scenarios
    • Scenarios started in v10.9 should work in v10.10, but scenarios started in v10.10 will not work when played in v10.9. It is always best to use the same version for the scenario and all players
  • Updates to the "Choose Scenario" dialog
  • Changed the 'unit ordered' graphics for warships
  • Added movement path to landing craft units
  • Moved scenarios from all fronts into a single extension
  • Scenario fixes, scenarios and campaign additions

10.9: What is New?

  • 10.9 is not compatible with 10.8. Both players must use the same version of module, and games started in 10.8 should be completed in 10.8
  • Added "Move No Further" marker to units. E.g. units that move on Wire my not move further or take ground that turn
  • Added Paradrop marker that stays on the map, to be used instead of Battle Star for scenarios with in-game paradrops
  • Added a (0) level to the Air Sorties/Landing marker
  • New Ocean, Beach and River Mouth tiles
  • Start card markers now stay on the board and show the player Command. They can also auto-increase for scenarios where one side was surprised
  • Changed the night attack setup marker, and added log text to sun level changes
  • Can now right-click directly on river tiles to place a Pontoon Bridge (Terrain 33) - use shift-click to select the river tile
  • Added 2 new alternate bridge styles
  • Added scenario information markers for Air Power dice and No Barrage
  • Added Axis/Allies control markers
  • Added a Time Limit marker that prevents Reshuffles of the deck. Also added a panel "Removed Cards" under the Cards toolbar button where cards can be removed from the game without revealing them
  • Removed Air Sortie cards from the board, they can be added from the Pieces panel when needed. There are three types of Air Sortie cards depending on the deck used (standard, OL or BT)
  • Removed the shortcuts help panel from the side board. The shortcut keys are listed in a help entry under the Help menu
  • Added a figure counting piece. When placed on the board it counts Figure Hits on units (not Warships or Airplanes). This is a tool for ladder or tournament games
  • Added player hand windows for up to 6 players per side. Added a solitaire Axis / solitaire Allies player side for control of all different Axis / Allies card windows by one player
  • Added reinforcements panel (information only, there are no unit factories)
  • Fixed stacking of airplanes with aircraft carriers
  • Removed the shortcut to the landing craft layer on units. The landing craft is now a separate piece drawn underneath units
  • Added extended breakthrough map
  • Changed map modes in the Scenario Chooser to support OverThrough/MultiMap. Removed BreakLord
  • Added Supported Infantry and Supported Armor unit types
  • Removed the Variant Decks since they were too much trouble to update. If this feature is actually used I can find some way to replace the feature under a different form
  • Added Bridge Control hex side overlay to show the area used for bridge control
  • Added Entry markers
  • Added Landing Craft setup marker (for reinforcement entry hexes)
  • Improved the LoS tool
  • Added overview window
  • Minor fixes
  • All scenarios have been updated and new ones added

10.8: What is New?

  • r6: Updated to VASSAL 3.2.x
  • r6: Now includes Base Game scenarios in the module itself
  • r5: Fixed bug with Winter Combat Cards on standard sized boards
  • r4: Added Hill with Forest terrain
  • r3: Fixed scenario errors and updated old scenarios
  • r3: Added damage tokens to the railroad engine
  • r3: Added air layer for air units so they don't tangle with carriers
  • r3: Re-added hex edges (steep hills, bluffs, cliffs, ...), use the Hide Edges button if you don't want to see them
  • r3: Fixed railroad car rotation
  • r3: Added some new scenarios
  • r3: Last release for VASSAL 3.1.x
  • r2: Added graphics for extra unit types required by new scenarios
  • New unique unit type graphics
  • New armies and unit presets
  • Updated air units that can rotate, new air action markers
  • Changes to enable 3D graphics style
  • Axis/Allied command windows to secretly draw from the discard pile (Command Car ability)
  • New board types so Axis are always at the top
  • Updated compendium cards
  • Extra terrain tiles
  • Flooded area markers
  • Section dividers for crowded setups
  • Enlarged the compendium card area to fit more cards
  • Changed dice graphics
  • Minor fixes and changes
  • All scenarios have been updated and new ones added, now over 400 scenarios

10.7: What is New?

  • r2: Updated all extensions to fix the capture objective crash
  • r2: Added scenario set information
  • r2: Added Operation Compass campaign
  • r2: Added symbols to paradrop rolls
  • r2: Added presets for Italian Armor, Dragoons, Jungle Fighters
  • r2: Changed funnies to 3 figure units
  • r2: Minor fixes
  • Includes new components and unit types from Campaign Book Vol. 2
  • Includes new unit types from the Equipment Pack (Compendium card placeholders until expansion arrives)
  • Mines are now pre-setup on the board and randomize themselves
    • Mines randomize themselves. The first time you Flip a Mines marker it draws a Mines token from the stack of Mines markers. This stack has the same composition as in previous modules, all Mines markers from expansions to date. Once a Mines marker has been Flipped and assigned a value, it keeps that value.
    • CAUTION: if you Flipped a Mines marker, and are saving a scenario setup, or need the Mines marker to be random again, either UNDO the initial Flip, or do Return to Pile and drag a new Mines marker from Pieces > Setup. A Mines marker that has been Flipped once will be locked to the selected value, even if you Flip it back again. A scenario setup saved with a Mines marker that has been flipped will have the same Mines value each time.
  • Overlord boards now have Field General Initiative dice
  • Added new unit type graphics for Combat Engineers, Snipers, Heavy Tank, Ski Troops, Cavalry, Command Cars
  • Added On The Move indicator to units (CTRL J)
  • Bridges can now be blown up and repaired with right-click commands (CTRL B, CTRL R)
  • The retreat flag is now attached to the units (CTRL Q). When you move a unit with a retreat flag it is not ordered
  • Can now place Crosshairs directly from units (CTRL S)
  • Can now place Smoke directly from units (CTRL K)
  • Updated the Unit and Badges Reference in the Help menu
  • Scenario Chooser now has a Pick Random Scenario button
  • No more Night Chart window, the Night Chart is now created from the USE Night Chart setup piece
  • Compendium cards have now been incorporated into the Module, making them standard for all to use
  • Compendium cards can now be minimized to a small card icon
  • The shortcut keys legend now has 3 tabs with useful commands
  • Added more preset unit/badge combinations in the Units window
  • More flexible Combat Decks setup
  • The Charts window includes tabs with overviews for all cards in the game
  • Added a type indicator for the Hobart's Funnies; Bridges can be deployed directly from the unit if type is Bridge; can keep track of Mine Digger use
  • Added a Compendium cards drawer underneath each scenario to place Compendium cards
  • Camouflage marker is now slightly more visible
  • Minor fix to Bridge and Fords layering
  • Added Desert Mountain tile
  • Fixed a lot of corrupted scenarios from 10.6
  • Added hidden alternative shortcut keys for Next/Previous Badge (CTRL-SHFT-U, CTRL-SHFT-I)

Screen Shots

Saving and playing a new scenario

Hi, I have created a new scenario, but I can't find how to save it and to make it available to play. Could someone tell me how to do it ? Thank you