Module talk:Merchants & Marauders

From Vassal
  • Regarding a bug submitted by Jacek Sierajewski: "There is only 8 captains in deck whereas in the game it is 16"; according to Eric, who originally developed the module, this was a requirement from Z-Man games to make the module publishable. Thus, the module may only have 8 captains and not 16. -- Picon, 2015-05-12, 09:28 UTC.
  • Fair enough. Thank you for the answer. -- Jacek, 2015-05-12, 10:42 UTC.
  • Cargo cards are now drawn face down, since v.1.07; they were always drawn face up, previously. This also permits the use of Contraband from the expansion, if we ever add it. -- Picon, 2015-05-12, 16:03 UTC.
  • I be interested in translating the module into Spanish. To be able to publish licensed C.C. to create the module in Spanish? Cheers -- Yuyu, 2015-11-11, 08:32 UTC
    • I try to contact you on this site, but you do not answer, his vassal module is very well done, but a lot of images forgot inside the module that does not use. Cheers