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Getting Started - Getting The Cauldron up and running

Tips on getting VASSAL installed and the module running.

General Hints on using VASSAL

Tips on Menu options and Preferences

The Launch Bar - Devil's Cauldron components

What do all those buttons mean?

Devil's Cauldron Counter Commands

What can you do to counters?


Rules queries with answers from Adam sourced from the Consimworld discussion list.

Rules Updates

Latest Rules Updates

What's coming?

The Devil's Cauldron VASSAL module is a work in progress, just like the game itself. As the game develops and new scenarios come available for playtesting, the VASSAL module will be updated to reflect this. New features will also be added as time permits to help make play easier. Look here for details of what is coming in future releases.

If you find any errors in the module, or have an idea to improve it, please let Brent or Nick know, we would like to hear any comments you have.


Notes on the construction of the module.