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Recommendations for next version:

1. Allow right click menu for Draw Pile with the following Activites (including shortcut keys) for routine action resolution (currently, only Shuffle is available):

Draw Card

    Submenu: Hand, RNC, RPC

2. Allow Removed Card area to auto expand and zoom (to show content of cards that have been removed)

Are we supposed to add our input?

I like the suggestions that were purposed. I have ideas for others. Is someone actually going to work on this or are we just doing this in the hopes that someone will?

RSB, 4/23/16 I think more likely the latter. I came to the page and saw it was empty. So I added a couple of thoughts about my (admittedly very limited) experience with this version of the Up Front module.

I guess I figured it couldn't hurt, and given that the module is well passed its initial release, perhaps the module developer might see it.

So if there is a more appropriate place/process for user feedback, recommendations should probably go there. I just didn't see anywhere else.


This is the appropriate place, apart from emailing me direct. The module is very old, created with Vassal version 1.3 and only recompiled to work with Vassal 3.0+ - one of the first twenty or so modules that originally were made when vassal came around. Obviously Vassal has changed a lot since then.

I have a list of many suggestions, just havent had time to come back and redo this mod because Im always doing other Vassal things and helping others with their mods, but I do intend to one day

Tim (module developer/vassal admin)

(new response) Well I really don't understand the format of this page. It's not your typical discussion thread. I find it very odd and not useful for discussion. Can't anyone work on an updated version? Hopefully when someone is actually sitting down to work on it that person will reach out to the community for feedback and suggestions.

iLikeVassal [2020-07-03] You are on VassalEngine V3.3.* very fast ;-) I found the following issues: 1. US card #16 has the ID '#14' on its back side (PFC Moras is in an identity crisis...) 2. In my opinion, the cards are not very clear/sharp. Is it possible to create a module with higher resolution cards? - Would be great for my old eyes...