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From Vassal

Clarification: alternative module is abandoned, and available on request.

What does "DDDGD" stand for ? DOD= days of decision ?

A: It stands for DDD Game Designs (AKA Craig Walters) see

Note: After inspection, this module (8.2) is full of redundant bloat. A single image is often used numerous times but given a different name - not necessary, just reuse the image. Module size could easily be reduced to under 100mb if it was designed properly and use of game piece images.

Quick Example:

  • KiFCWBletchleyparkb.gif
  • KiFCWIntelb.gif
  • KiFCWSavedoilb.gif

These images are exactly the same just different names - this bloats module. Instead of just reusing image @ 4kb cost duplicating with different name the cost is now 12kb

Response: Not sure where your getting your numbers from. Each pieces average size in about 3k and there is a total of roughly 13500 pieces the total space for these pieces is about 40 megs. The rest of the module is comprised of tables, maps, help files, etc. Further the three pieces you argue that are the same, ARE NOT THE SAME, and anyone who KNOWS this game and is aware of all the kit variables will understand the need for those three counters to exist separately.

You are however more than welcome to continue using the 888 version or earlier versions if that's what you prefer. We can choose.

Explanation Think you are missing my point Im trying to convey

Lets take a look at those 3 images. Ive put them together for you side by side, shuffled. Can you tell which one is which? Bet you can't and they are your counters!


But it doesnt matter. As an image they are identical - you can reuse a single image in different counters and it does not affect the other counters. Yes I know as a piece in the game they are not the same but the image is and what I am getting at. This allows reducing module size/removes bloat.

If you look at a lot of the images, in a lot of places you could instead use just a single image and add a text label to the countere instead of image duplication because of a text difference - omit the text and again use single image

eg: Attack11.gif, Attack12.gif etc..

As for the maps, tables which, yes are accounting for a lot of the bulk, those images should be optimized

I took your 2d10 table.png which is 328kb and using tinypng reduced it to 91kb. That is a 72% reduction. And there is no quality difference - remarkable

If you reduce all those larger files an avg of 50-70% plus eliminate image duplication youll see this module go way down in size. there is no reason for it to be this big.

2d10 table reduced.png

Responce: Again you can choose to use one of the other Mods available if you don't like this one.