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This is our development roadmap. Here you can see what we have planned for future releases of VASSAL.

Version Numbering

VASSAL releases have version numbers formatted as major.minor.micro (for example, 3.1.14). Customarily, the major or minor version number changes when we add new features; changes in the micro portion of the version indicate bugfix releases.

Release Plans


  • This is the current version. All further releases in the 3.4 series will be bugfix only.
  • See VASSAL 3.4 Release Notes for current details.


Recent Save/Load Tracked in Title Bar
Flare example (and it animates!)
Global Key Command pre-screen for better performance
  • Major Internationalization push. Editor features localizable/localized (but English always available as an option)
  • Revamp and update of all Configurer dialogs
  • Online documentation based on Asciidoc format (and therefore a lot easier to read and easier to maintain and keep up to date)
  • All documentation brought up to date
  • Global Key Command "pre-search-narrowing" performance enhancements
  • Flare feature with animation and customization (player can "ping" an area of the map to draw other players' attention)
  • Chess Clocks - timers for online play
  • Deselect Trait - forces deselection of a piece
  • MouseoverStackViewer - HTML compliant and more organization options
  • MouseoverStackViewer - able to show any number of pieces from a deck
  • Editor searching with matching into Traits (extending the Editor search feature from 3.4 to allow finding things inside pieces)
  • Help button for Preferences screen
  • Title bar will always show most recent save/load/log file
  • Preference to control the distance-from-edge-of-window where dragging a piece starts dragging the window.
  • Ability to toggle your password to "visible"
  • Improved 'Bad Module Data' error messages when Beanshell evaluations fail
  • Improve visibility of Logging/Not Logging status
  • Auto Reminding to start log file when starting a new game/session w/ don't-prompt-again button.
  • /debug on /debug /off Chatter commands to copy Error Log output to the Chatter


  • "Mats and Cargo" - "Cargo" pieces that maintain position/facing with other larger pieces when the larger "Mat" pieces move/rotate.
  • Improve performance of Grid Numbering drawing
  • Ability to select multiple pieces/components for cut/paste in the module editor
  • "Folders" in the editor tree structure
  • Drag-and-Drop support for editor
  • CountStack() added to beanshell to support counting pieces in current stack
  • "Report State" trait includes checkbox to override Global Key Command suppression of individual messages.
  • Deck reports now suppressed by Global Key Command suppression of individual messages
  • Ability to specify Return-to-Deck target as an expression
  • Global Options can be configured to allow toolbar items on closed windows to accept Global Hotkeys
  • Add Global property MapName_isVisible for each Map to allow checking if Map is currently open
  • Preference to reverse left-to-right order counters are shown in Mouseover Stack Viewer
  • Improved translation features (Global Translatable Message component, Translatable Message trait, exposing current language/locale as property)
  • Default UI font size can be over-ridden in preferences
  • Added 'Stack Normally' option to 'Does Not Stack' trait


  • Piece Wrapper (a cap for the *other* end of the Trait Stack, opposite end from Basic Piece). Should allow significant performance improvements, especially for GKC's, etc.
  • Index location/zone/map of pieces to significantly improve location based GKC performance.


Planning under way

Archive of Earlier Roadmaps