Turn Tracker Installation Instructions

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Turn Tracker Installation

  1. Download the File:Turntracker.zip.
  2. Unzip the AutoImage.zip archive to find two directories:
    • turn - The Class files
    • Source - The Source
  1. Unzip your module file:
    • Change your module file from Name.mod to Name.zip.
    • Unzip it.
  1. Copy the turn folder from turntracker.zip into your unzipped module.
  2. Optional: Rename Name.zip as Name.mod.
  3. Import Turntracker into your module:
    • Start your module.
    • Right-click on the top-level [Module] component. ]
    • Select Add Imported class from the bottom of the menu.
    • At the Enter fully qualified name of Java class to import prompt type in turn.TurnTracker and click OK.
  1. Configure Turn Tracker.
    • You have now installed an empty Turn Tracker with no levels.
    • Right-click on your newly created Turn Tracker Component to start adding levels and sub-levels.