Using Turn Tracker

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Updating the Turn

Click on the Turn Tracker launch button to toggle the display of the turn tracker.

Turn sample.gif

Use the '+' and '-' buttons to advance or retreat the current turn and report the result in the Chat Window according to the the report formats defined in the Turn Tracker definition.

Configuring Player Options

Right-Click on the Turn Tracker background to display the configuration menu.


Setting the current turn value

To change the current setting of all turn levels at once, rather than just incrementing and decrementing the counter, select the Set option from the pop-up config menu to display the set dialog.

Set turn.gif

Set the value of a counter level by typing in the new counter value.
Set the value of a list level by selecting the value from the drop-down list.

Click Save to save the new setting for the Turn values.

Changing the Turn Tracker Font

Select the Font option from the popup menu, and select the appropriate font size and style.

Configuring Turn Tracker player options

The Configure option will only appear if at least one List type element has either of the player selection options clicked on.

Select Configure, then select the List element you wish to configure. The List dialog box will appear:

List config.gif

If the Allow players to set first item in list option has been selected in the List configuration, then the top line show the Prompt text specified in the Prompt to select first item field and a drop-down list of the list items to use to select the First element.

If the Allow players to select list options option has been selected in the List configuration, then each element of the List will be displayed with a Checkbox to select whether or not that List item should be used.