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Turn Tracker: Working Example (currently being created)

I wanted a turn tracker that would do the following:

  1. Player 1 Move
  2. Player 1 Fire
  3. Player 2 Move
  4. Player 2 Fire
  5. Increment Game Turn Number

In effect there are 3-levels :

  1. The Game Turn Number
  2. The Current Player
  3. The Current Action (Move or Fire)

However, the Current Player and the Current Action have to be duplicated for each side - the result is actually four levels (five if you include the Turn Tracker itself):


After installing the turn tracker (using Add_Imported_Class)the first thing to do was to define the PROPERTIES of the turn tracker itself:


Unsurprisingly I named it 'Turn' and used 'Turn' for the Button Text that will display in the Game Module Toolbar. I had not created a button for this so I left that option as 'Default'. Simlarly I did not select a background colour (displays as a plain white background by default).

I used the following for Turn Format: Turn $level1$: Player $level2$ $level3$ (The words 'Turn' and 'Player' will be displayed as text in the turn tracker window) with the following intended result in the turn tracker window following each click:

    • Turn 1: Player - US
  • Turn 1: Player US - Move
  • Turn 1: Player US - Fire
  • Turn 1: Player - VC
  • Turn 1: Player VC - Move
  • Turn 1: Player VC - Fire
  • Turn 2: Player - US
  • Turn 2: Player US - Move
  • Turn 2: Player US - Fire

..... and so on.

Next I added a 'COUNTER' to the Turn Tracker. I called this counter 'Game Turn'. It had a start value of 1 and incremented by 1.


Right clicking on the Game Turn Counter I then added four 'LIST's.



Notice that on this list the default Turn Format has been changed from $turnName$ - $turnText$ to $turnText$


Us movefire.gif

List 3:


Notice that on this list the default Turn Format has been changed from $turnName$ - $turnText$ to $turnText$

List 4:

Vc movefire.gif