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Overview Window

Adds a separate "Mini Map" subwindow that can be displayed over the top of the main map display.

The Overview map can be displayed by a Toolbar Button or by a Hotkey.

The subwindow will contain a view of the entire playing area at a smaller scale than displayed in the parent map window.

The area of the map currently visible in the map window is highlighted in the overview map with a colored rectangle. A player may click on the Overview window to center the Map Window at the point clicked on.

A Toolbar button to turn this subwindow on and off will be placed on the Map Window’s toolbar A hotkey or Named Key Command can also be supplied to open the mini map subwindow.


Tooltip text:

Tooltip text for the Toolbar button.

Button text:

Text of the Toolbar button.

Button icon:

Icon for the Toolbar button.

Hotkey to show/hide:

A Keystroke or Named Command to show or hide the overiew window.

Scale factor:

The scale of the Overview window when showing. E.g., A scale factor of 0.2 will show the Overview window at 20% of full size.

Visible rectangle highlight color:

Sets the color of the box showing the section of the main map currently visible.